2018 Asian Games: India wins its first medal in sepak takraw. Everything you need to know about sports?


India won bronze in sepak takraw, its first-ever medal in the sport. They lost to Thailand 3-0 in the Regu men’s team semi-final.

India clinched bronze in sepak takraw, their first-ever medal in the sport (@Media_SAI Photo)

Indian men’s team Sepak takraw lost to Thailand 2-0 in the semi-finals, but had already secured bronze.

The bronze was India’s first medal in this event. But what is sepak takraw?

Sepak takraw is a traditional sport of Southeast Asian nations. Each team is reinforced with 3 players who must pass wicker or plastic balls on the field.

Sepak takraw has been part of the Asian Games since the 11th edition in Beijing in 1990.

There are four types of sepak takraw games for men and women – circle, double regu, regu and team – and Thailand has traditionally been the most dominant country in Asia.

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Sepak takraw or kick volleyball is a Southeast Asian sport, with similarities like volleyball which is played with the hand but sepak takraw is played with the feet, knees, head and chest.

A match is played by two regus (teams) each consisting of three players.

The sepak takraw fields measure 13.4 x 6.1 meters and are separated by a net with a height of 152 cm (men) or 142 cm (women).

The regus who must serve first will start the first set, and the team that wins the first set will have the option of choosing the serve.

As soon as the Tekong hits the ball, all players are allowed to move freely within their respective courts.

The service is valid if the ball goes over the net, and inside the boundary lines of the opponent, whether or not it touches the net.

The referee must toss a disc or a coin, and the side that wins the toss has the option of choosing the service. The change of camp takes place when a regular reaches 8 points.

A point is awarded when either serving or receiving side fouls while also serving the next ball.


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