2021 excavations begin in the ancient city of Metropolis in Turkey


Excavations in the ancient city of Metropolis, supported by the Sabancı Foundation, continue with the permission and contribution of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in its 31st year. Shedding light on the secrets of history, excavations in the ancient city, located in the Torbalı district of the western province of Izmir, will this year focus on public and religious areas such as the city’s water infrastructure and churches. .

According to a statement from the Sabancı Foundation, this year’s excavations will be carried out under the supervision of Professor Serdar Aybek from the Department of Archeology at Manisa Celal Bayar University. The aim of the excavations is to completely unearth two cisterns discovered previously and thus reveal the ancient city’s water storage complex made up of four interconnected cisterns.

Nevgül Bilsel Safkan, managing director of the Sabancı Foundation, said in the foundation’s statement that it has supported the excavations of the ancient city of Metropolis for 18 years.

An official cleans mosaics found in the ancient city of Metropolis, Izmir, western Turkey on June 28, 2021 (AA Photo)

“As the Sabancı Foundation, we find the excavation of the ancient city of Metropolis, one of our projects in the field of culture and the arts, very valuable due to its contributions to the science of archeology and of the fact that he established a bridge between us and the people who have lived on this land from the past to the present, ”said Nevgül.

“The magnificent female statue found in the early days of the latest excavations, for example, made us very happy for her contributions to archeology and history. We look forward to discovering new information about ancient life in Metropolis with this year’s digs, ”she added.

Excavation chief Aybek also said: “We are delighted to witness the transformation of a barren hill into an important ancient city and archaeological site here over the years with the excavations we have been carrying out since 1990.”

The cleaning of the mosaics, very well preserved and distributed over large areas in the ancient city, will also continue as part of recent work. The mosaics will be revealed to visitors after cleaning the layers of lime that have formed on their surface over time, to reveal the rich diversity of colors and patterns.

The statue of a woman found in the ancient city of Metropolis, Izmir, western Turkey on June 28, 2021 (AA Photo)

The statue of a woman found in the ancient city of Metropolis, Izmir, western Turkey on June 28, 2021 (AA Photo)

About Metropolis

The ancient city of Metropolis, which is being exhumed with excavations carried out since 1990, is located between the Yeniköy and Özbey neighborhoods of the Torbalı district.

The history of Metropolis, known as the “City of the Mother Goddess”, spans from the earliest traces of settlements from the Late Neolithic to the Classical Age, from the Hellenistic Age to the Roman and Byzantine periods, the Beyliks (principalities) of Anatolia and the Ottoman era. .

Through the excavations carried out to date, a Hellenistic theater, a Bouleuterion (parliamentary building), a stoa (columned gallery), two bath structures built under the Roman Empire, a bath and palaestra complex (sports area), a special room with mosaics, a peristyle house and cisterns that form the historical texture of the ancient city were found.

In addition, during the excavation of these places, more than 11,000 historical artefacts, including ceramics, coins, glass, architectural pieces, figures, sculptures, bone and ivory artefacts as well as various artefacts. metal, were unearthed. Artifacts obtained during the excavations are on display at the Izmir Archaeological Museum, the Izmir History and Art Museum, and the Selçuk Ephesus Museums.


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