A take on the sport: the NBA and NHL playoffs. Baseball. Softball. The PGA. Yes it’s a really good weekend watching TV


A TIP ON SPORT • There is an interesting aspect to weekends in Spokane this time of year. The city seems a little more empty than it does when the weather is terrible. It’s hard to believe but true. The traffic is lighter, the lines are shorter. People seem to magically disappear. Or maybe they just meet up at home to watch the NBA playoffs.


• OK of course. It doesn’t matter. People go to the lake or sit and watch TV, only venturing out at half-time to buy an Evian. You decide which theory holds up. Literally.

No matter what is right, we appreciate it. How we appreciate what is available on TV this weekend.

Our appreciation begins with, like four times a year, one of the major golf courses. The PGA Championship, from Kiawah Island in South Carolina, started yesterday with birdies, bogies and at least one practice that ended in a trash can. What can’t these guys do?

(By the way, we used to play a lot with a guy hitting his ball in places no one else had ever done. Hawk once found the only water hazard on the old course. of Liberty Lake. He bounced a shot in one of those old concrete. fountains. As the water was streaming and the faucet needed to be fixed, we told him the ground was being repaired and he could help it. take a free drop. He agreed.)

The PGA continues today on ESPN and over the weekend on CBS. A little late Sunday afternoon, we will be halfway through the major tournaments of 2021.

And we’ll be at the heart of the NBA and NHL playoffs. Yes, it’s true. Professional winter sports are going to bleed in the summer this year. Part of it is the pandemic. This is in part due to the league’s playing hours which are way too long for their players. But the leagues have to have inventory to pay the huge salaries and make huge profits. As a result, long, regular seasons and ever growing playoffs (or play-ins).

Not that we were complaining. He’s fulfilling our weekend watch program. That’s if we don’t focus on summer boys and girls. This is, or should be, their time of year.

There are three chances of watching M’s, so you might see six more hits over the weekend. It would be special. Or you could just write a bad sentence and focus on the future. Everett and Julio Rodriguez are in town tonight with the SWX game show. It starts at 6.30am. The Indians won the first three games of the six-game series.

The NCAA Softball Tournament kicks off today, with ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU full of games throughout the weekend. You can see with your own eyes if the Pac-12 has been underseeded. We assume the answer will be yes.

If you aspire to support a Northwestern team with a chance at a championship, you don’t have to wait until fall. You can watch the Fox Sunday afternoon show of the Sounders Game while visiting Atlanta. There is no professional franchise in the area with a better chance of winning a title this year. Or to entertain you.


WSU: Around Pac-12 and college sports, the conference actually brought in more money in 2020 than the year before. And he gave less to outgoing commissioner Larry Scott. Sounds like a few bright spots for us. … And, yes, we have another story to tell about Scott’s successor. … Washington must determine who will play it safe. … Utah seems to have figured out who will play the quarterback. … Oregon has lost one of its support staff. … Colorado expects several players to be lost in the 2022 NFL Draft.… Herm Edwards has earned respect. … In the basketball news, Oregon landed a transfer to Syracuse. … Arizona State added some bench strength.

Gonzaga: Two former GU players met last night in a playoff winner’s game. Rui Hachimura’s team, the Washington Wizards, took the upper hand over the Indiana Pacers of Domantas Sabonis, despite Sabonis’ triple brace. … Larry Weir spoke to Sam Adams about many topics, including the Zags, in the latest Press Box podcast. … Around the COE, Mark Pope had a lot to say about BYU basketball.

Preparations: The basketball season is underway and Dave Nichols has prepared previews of the men’s and women’s teams in the Greater Spokane League. … It also has a roundup of Thursday’s action across all sports.

Indians: Spokane scored late in a number of ways and that was enough to hold the Aquasox 3-2. Dave has the story including some thoughts on Emerson Hancock, one of Mr. Hancock’s best prospects started for Everett but he was gone long before the game was decided.

Shock: Tavares Martin Jr. has been around since his football career ended in Washington state a few years ago. Now he finds himself in the Inland Northwest and is set to debut with Shock this week. Ryan Collingwood caught up with the wide receiver whose WSU tenure ended after a clash with Mike Leach.

Browsers: The M’s got a day off and they put it to good use. They rebuilt their capture corps and rocked the list.

Seahawks: The Hawks glance at a West Point graduate.

Depth sounders: Seattle has been strong in goals since joining MLS. There may be a reason. … Clint Dempsey recently explained why he decided to quit in 2018.

Storm: A 37-point fourth quarter allowed Seattle to pass Minnesota.


• Do you know what sounds good this morning? A hot breakfast. From a dinner. Why not? Then back home for a day watching the PGA, while taking a nap when needed. We’re in the mood for one of those new wave caring days. Who says we can’t adapt to the times? Until later …


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