All lira coins are worth seeing. Do you have them too?


They fell into disuse with the advent of the euro in 2002, but beware they are lost or underestimated. Today some have a very respectable value. These are the parts to keep.

100 lira coins (Facebook)

You better be careful what you keep in the bank. Today, now, if it has not been used for 20 years, the old and expensive lira can be worth a treasure. So pay attention to Familiar silver coins, especially from 100 and 50 lire, which collectors can evaluate very carefully.

If the first years of Switch between the lira and the euro There was still the possibility of dual use, and that hadn’t been possible for years and for all intents and purposes, the old coin became practically period. Definitely great news for those who want to earn Italian currency.

Today, the market for this species is more prosperous than ever, and owners of an old mountain can earn a lot, of course, provided there are certain requirements that should not be underestimated. Let’s find out what they are together.

At present, the most “common” parts are small parts, Released in the fifties. It is not impossible to have it in your possession, since only 100 of them have been published something like 8.6 million coins. Not bad is not it ?

Old lira: coins to watch carefully

separate letter from Rare 10 lira coins. Today a collector can pay you 70 €. Not bad, for a piece dating from 1954.

Also pay attention to the pieces of 5 readToday, under the best conditions, it can be worth up to 1,500 euros. A number that certainly cannot be underestimated and that can help us well. In short, it is worth paying attention to this insidious and beloved at the same time. Today you can please a lot. It is therefore advisable to check between the old wallets and the “little pigs” the rarities.

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Indeed, it should be borne in mind that a 50 lira copy from 1958, of which just over 800,000 copies were printed, can today be worth up to 2,000 euros, if it is perfectly preserved. . Not bad is not it ?


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