All treasures discovered on the Curse of Oak Island


The reality series The Curse Of Oak Island attempts to uncover the secrets of the mysterious island. Here are all of the Oak Island treasures recovered so far.

Here are all the major treasures recovered on The Curse of Oak Island so far. For those unaware of treasure hunting traditions, Oak Island is a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia that has captivated mystery seekers for hundreds of years. The main reason Oak Island sparks so much intrigue is because it’s said to be where Scottish pirate Captain Kidd buried his infamous treasure. There are other theories that the island could also house many other valuables – from Shakespearean manuscripts to the Holy Grail.

The legend of the mysterious Canadian island is at the center of the reality series The Curse of Oak Island which has aired on the History Channel since 2014. The show follows brothers Marty and Rick Lagina who were first enchanted by the mystery of Oak Island after reading about it in a 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest magazine when they were kids and eventually bought a stake in the island. For the past eight years, the History Channel has documented the Lagina brothers’ attempts to locate the island’s legendary treasure and any other historical artifacts it may be hiding.


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The show has aired nine seasons so far and during that time the Lagina brothers and their team have discovered some potentially very valuable items. Read on for a list of all the major Curse of Oak Island treasure found so far, according to looper.

All Oak Island Curse Treasures Recovered

The Curse of Oak Island
  • 17th century Maravedí coin (Season 1, Ep.5)
  • XVIIth Military Button (Season 2, Ep.2)
  • Templar coin (Season 2, Ep.2)
  • Two 17th century British coins (Season 2, Ep.3)
  • copper ring (Season 4, Ep.6)
  • Unidentified piece (Season 4, Ep.6)
  • 18th century Dandy button (Season 4, Ep.8)
  • Several 18th century King George II coins (Season 4, Ep.8)
  • Metal name tag (Season 4, Ep.8)
  • 18th/19th Century Gold Plated British Military Button (Season 4, Ep.15)
  • treasure chest hinge (Season 4, Ep.15)
  • Seventeenth Century Maravedí Coin Segment (Season 5, Ep.2)
  • Two coins of King Charles II from the 17th century (Season 5, Ep.3)
  • 17th century coinage (Season 5, Ep.8)
  • 13th century lead cross (Season 5, Ep.10)
  • Decorative keyhole plate (Season 5, Ep.15)
  • Garnet And Silver Brooch 16th/17th Century (Season 5, Ep.16)
  • 18th century copper two pence coin (Season 6, Ep.1)
  • 14th Century Gold Plated Brooch (Season 6, Ep.1)
  • Roman Pilum (Season 6, Ep.3)
  • 18th century French military cap badge (Season 6, Ep.5)
  • Piece Of Lead Decorated Pre-15th Century (Season 6, Ep.18)
  • 19th century British halfpenny coin (Season 7, Ep.4)
  • Decorative brooch in the shape of a leaf (Season 7, Ep.4)
  • Pre-mid 18th century ornate ring (Season 7, Ep.19)
  • Fragments of finely hand-painted pottery (Season 8, Ep.14)
  • Gold (Season 9, Ep.2)
  • Unidentified 17th century piece (Season 9, Ep.11)

Like many History Channel shows, the authenticity of The Curse of Oak Island has been called into question. Some viewers have debated the veracity of the treasures unearthed and the experts who verify them – especially when it comes to artifacts believed to date back to ancient and ancient history like the sixth season of the History reality show Channel finding a Roman pilum or the Season 2 Templar coin that buys more outlandish theories about Europeans visiting Oak Island as early as the Middle Ages. However, the many valuable coins the Lagina brothers have found – alongside the ornate jewelry and military paraphernalia – certainly speak to the island’s rich history, while adding to its mystery.

Regardless of the authenticity of the treasure found on The Curse of Oak Island, the reality show remains one of the most popular on the History Channel. The series is rumored to be returning for a tenth season soon, so fans of The Curse of Oak Island will most likely see the Lagina Brothers and their crew dig up more treasure in the not-too-distant future.

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