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The still-awaited altseason – a familiar time for pumping altcoin markets – has come sooner than expected, some analysts are to believe.

The main pump is DOGE, the self-proclaimed coin used by canine Shiba Inu, with beneficial properties of over 20pc on June 6th. The surge is attributed to a viral TikTok video that appears to be popularizing DOGE with thousands and thousands of customers on the app.

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#Dogecointiktok problem traits

DOGE is under fire on TikTok, the controversial video-sharing software that has just been banned in India and Hong Kong.

#dogecointiktokchallege is a trending hashtag on software owned by ByteDance. The first of these videos, accessible right here, has accumulated nearly 500,000 views at the time of writing.

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The procedure is simple. Buy DOGE until it hits $ 1 (coin is trading at $ 0.002 at time of press). If 800 million TikTok customers do the same, the funding will likely be worth more than $ 10,000.

With no technical or basic supporting components behind the surge, however, it is a pump and dump system. The hashtag was first used by TikTok person “jamesg97”, who is not afraid of his intentions:

“Let’s all get rich! Dogecoin is virtually worthless. There are 800 million TikTok users once it hits $ 1 you will have $ 10,000. Tell everyone you know.

And it seems to be working to this day. DOGE is up over 20% at time of publication, prompting several tweets about it:

Analysts appoint an altseason

All kidding aside, some analysts and traders imagine the pump marks the start of the long-awaited altereason.

Blockfyre Senior Analyst @ Pentosh1 mentioned that Bitcoin’s dominance broke a significant three-year downtrend, which likely marked the peak of a bearish interval.

According to CryptoSlate’s market information, Bitcoin’s dominance is at 63pc, down 5pc from last week’s 67pc level.

By analyzing the first 50 altcoins, digital tokens gained between 1 and 15 coins of DeFi Aave token and blockchain agnostic protocol Chainlink all confirmed beneficial properties of 15 coins. does not work in there.

Essentially, most altcoin tasks ranked under 100 have not been deployed to the global public, have no working software, or have seen no significant exercise to warrant a pump.

However, given that crypto predated 2018 throughout the historic bull run, the market could be catalyzed only by the retail shilling and TikTok movies. There is no one to stop this.

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