‘Ancient Romans and Greeks in Kashmir’



“Numismatic evidence of Romans, Byzantines, Indo-Greeks, Indo-Scythians, Indo-Parthians and Kushans found in Jammu and Kashmir”

By: Ishfaq Manzor

A scholarly work produced by a renowned numismatics from Jammu and Kashmir has shed new light on the historical debate of the ancient Romans and Greeks in Kashmir. Indeed, numismatics is such a raw material that is based on facts. A coin contains very little information, but everything it contains is of great significance and is certainly genuine, precise and accurate.

The numismatics book titled “Ancient Romans and Greeks in Kashmir” written by the famous numismatist and archaeologist of Kashmir-Iqbal Ahmad has made such important revelations which have, for the first time, appeared on the ancient historiography of Jammu and Cashmere. The author of this wonderful research book is titled ‘Ancient Romans and Greeks in Kashmir’ attempted to explore the links between ancient Roman and Greek civilizations with Kashmir ties through numismatic and archaeological studies.

Title: Ancient Romans and Greeks in Kashmir

Author – Iqbal Ahmad

Publisher- HRSA Publishers and Distributors Banglore- Karnataka

Price: Rs 799

Distributor Srinagar – Gulshan Books& Publishers

The book is actually a study of two ancient numismatic treasures that had been discovered in Kashmir and kept in its museum in Srinagar. These two hoards carried some copper and silver coins of the ancient Romans, Byzantines, Indo Greeks, Indo Scythians, Indo Parthians and Kushan Emperors. In fact, Greek, Scythian and Kushan coins have been found in Jammu and Kashmir, but the discovery of Roman coins in Kashmir has been a great mystery that puzzled numismatists and archaeologists. The author of this book used very simple language to express his research and wrote: “During my longest stay in the largest and oldest museum of Jammu and Kashmir in Srinagar and during my travels in archeological investigation, I came across some very interesting and marvelous archaeological and numismatic sites. evidences of several ancient foreign tribes in Jammu and Kashmir. These included archaeological artifacts, ancient coins, and architectural influences from the ancient Roman, Byzantine, Indo-Greek, Indo-Scythian, Indo-Parthian, and Kushan empires.

The discovery of such evidence of these civilizations in the country of Jammu and Kashmir itself is a wondrous mystery that has aroused the curiosity of scholars and intellectuals in this country.

The book is basically a scientific study and documentation of ancient archaeological, numismatic and architectural evidence of the above mentioned civilizations which have been found in Jammu and Kashmir up to the advent of the 22nd century AD.

The book is the first to identify and decipher archaeological artifacts and ancient coins from the ancient Roman, Byzantine, Indo-Greek, Indo-Scythian and Kushan empires and an attempt has been made to interpret these physical evidences in proper perspective. .

Events related to the ancient history, political, cultural, economic, technological, trade and commercial ties of Jammu and Kashmir with the western and eastern world have been explored based on available numismatic data.

In the book are deciphered and described the coins of the ancient Roman empire which were, for the first time, found in Jammu and Kashmir in addition to the chronology of the Indo-Greek, Indo-Scythian, Indo- Parthians and Kushan in Jammu and Kashmir which spans approximately seven hundred years from 200 BC to 500 AD, were also treated for the first time in the context of permanent numismatic and archaeological evidence.

Readers, especially students and scholars pursuing their studies in relevant fields, will find this book very interesting and informative which brings out ancient history with more scientific and physical approaches. The book is available from Gulshan Books private limited, Residency Road Srinagar as well as Amazon and flipkart with its eBook editions as well.


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