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The 15th archaeological season has started at the site of Aquae Calidae, one of the most important Roman-era spa centers in the Balkans, near Vetren in Burgas, the Burgas Regional Archaeological Museum has announced.

Excavations will continue throughout June and early July. The work in progress in 2022 is entirely financed by the municipality of Bourgas.

In 2021, archaeological research focused on the northeast sector and went through several stages, the museum said.

The first two stages were related to the construction of building № 3 (Archaeological Museum and Bath – a replica of a Roman bath).

During these excavations, two ancient aqueducts and an open-air cold water installation and several tombs, forming part of the Gothic necropolis, were discovered.

The final stage is the study of the northeast apodistry of the early 4th century, Byzantine bath, where traces of fire have been found, associated with the Gothic destruction of the Roman bath.

Pottery from the 3rd to 4th centuries and coins from the reign of Constantine the Great and his successors have been found.

The scope of the research also included the discovery of the eastern outer face of the eastern building of the first Byzantine baths, more than 14 m long and of a well-preserved height, in places up to three meters, of two ancient water pipes. ceramic water and tree control.

During the 2021 archaeological season, many materials were discovered, says the museum. These included over 400 coins, most from the 4th century, a considerable number from the 13th century, as well as medieval seals from the 11th century; and two registrations.

In 2022, archaeological research will focus on the interior of Roman and Byzantine baths.

The idea is to trace the northern part of the northern wall of the first Byzantine bath, discovered in 2021.

(Photo: Burgas Regional Archaeological Museum)


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