Armenian Minister and Envoy visit National Museum of Iran


TEHRAN – On Monday, Armenian Justice Minister Karen Andreasyan, who was accompanied by Yerevan Ambassador to Tehran Arsen Avakian, paid a visit to the National Museum of Iran.

The guests along with museum director Jebrael Nokandeh visited different sections of the museum, including those devoted to prehistoric, ancient and Islamic eras which are listed in chronological order.

“The great history of a great nation, very attractive, interesting examples and a great heritage are presented. A very high level of unforgettable display. I am very grateful and especially thank Mrs. Sepidnameh for her interesting and valuable explanations,” Andreasyan wrote in the museum’s memorial book.

In addition, Nokandeh presented two books titled “Armenia and Iran, Memory of the Earth” and “Guide to the National Museum of Iran” to the Armenian minister.

The National Museum of Iran is full of priceless relics that represent different eras of the country’s juicy history.

Massive and tiny statues, ceramics, pottery, stone figures, bas-relief sculptures, metal objects, textile remains, rare books and coins are some of the objects that make up the countless collections at inside.



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