Assistance for the early redemption and rescheduling of a loan


Important information about the procedure and what you have to pay attention to so that the project succeeds. You have it in your hand: With a well-planned debt restructuring, you can gain financial freedom. On the one hand, the overall financing costs can be reduced with more favorable conditions, on the other hand, you could of course also stretch the repayment and strengthen your liquidity.

However, it is a prerequisite that the bank that previously financed you also has the option of making a special repayment or early repayment of the outstanding loan amount.

Debt Good Finance bank debt and save money

The reasons for rescheduling your loan with Good Finance bank can be varied, ranging from more favorable terms, lower monthly installments due to longer terms, to the release of assigned collateral, such as a car loan. In any case, extensive research should be carried out beforehand in order to really achieve the planned benefits. An online loan calculator, for example, helps answer the essential questions:

  • How are the current conditions for installment loans including all costs and fees?
  • How much does the total financing expense increase if you stretch the term through the debt rescheduling?

On the one hand, you can determine the savings in financing costs by comparing the effective interest rates of Good Finance bank with the new ones. Alternatively, you can go through the rescheduling option with a longer-term loan in order to be able to assess the financial scope you can gain in this way.

Contractual terms for a Good Finance bank loan

In contrast to many other banks, which charge a prepayment penalty for special repayments or early redemption, you can expect neither restrictions with the Good Finance bank installment loan nor with the securities Good Credit loan.

The Good Finance bank installment loan can be partially or completely redeemed at any time without additional fees or costs being incurred. Since the Good Finance bank securities Good Credit loan is designed as a type of credit facility that you can draw on, repay and use again at will, you have no disadvantages to fear here – you have all options.

Redeem loan at Good Finance bank early

Against the background of the comfortable conditions of the Good Finance bank, you can now choose a suitable financing offer. Put together the necessary documents in advance, such as proof of income, but also a list of regular income and expenses – this speeds up the process. It is important that no negative entries are stored in the Credit Checker and similar credit agencies for you because in Germany such a credit report is a mandatory part of the credit check.

It is best to use a credit comparison on the Internet, on the one hand, to explicitly compare the terms and conditions and on the other hand to be able to start a credit inquiry directly from the portal. You will be directed directly to online forms in which you enter the relevant personal data and information on your income situation.

Please be sure to state here that you are planning to reschedule, as the examination criteria will then change in your favor. At the same time, you give your consent to the Credit Checker query and thus create the conditions for a preliminary credit decision, the decision of which will usually be communicated to you promptly.

Good Finance bank loan replacement: exercise caution

To make the debt rescheduling of a Good Finance bank loan effective, you should take the following steps carefully:

  1. Make sure that your Good Financebank loan agreement really does not contain any other regulations regarding special repayments and early repayment.
  2. Research the current conditions for a loan of the desired size and with the optimal term in an online comparison calculator.
  3. Make a pre-loan request with the purpose of “debt rescheduling” to set the credit check correctly from the outset.
  4. At the same time, you can authorize the new bank to pay off the loan liabilities, alternatively, arrange the payment of the amount to your account and redeem yourself.

When rescheduling your Good Finance bank loan, you do not have to plan any additional costs or other restrictions; the contractual regulations provide for the option of special repayment or redemption at any time. Choose a new loan wisely – so you can effectively save costs.


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