Authorities Promise to Shop for Groceries for Locked-Out Xi’an Residents Your money


TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) – Chinese authorities have promised regular deliveries of groceries to residents of Xi’an, a former capital of 13 million that is under the tightest lockdown of a major Chinese city since Wuhan closed early last year at the start of the pandemic.

China’s Commerce Ministry has reached out to neighboring provinces to help ensure an adequate supply of basic necessities, a ministry spokesperson said on Thursday.

Public broadcaster CCTV broadcast a report on Thursday showing building staff collecting free grocery deliveries for residents of an apartment complex in Xi’an.

Deliveries included a box of 15 eggs, a 2.5-kilogram (5.5-pound) bag of rice, and green vegetables. Residents could also expect chicken or pork, he said.

Still, some people complained in the comments under the shared segment on Weibo, a social media platform, that they haven’t received the same deliveries in their communities. Many worried about being able to afford fresh vegetables and meat.

This week, authorities tightened restrictions in Xi’an so that people could no longer leave their homes to shop. Previously, residents were allowed to purchase food once every two days. The city is also cordoned off, which means people cannot leave without special permission.

Xi’an reported 155 new locally transmitted cases on Wednesday, and a total of around 1,000 cases in the latest outbreak.

The numbers are pale compared to outbreaks elsewhere in the world, but are important for China, which continues to follow a policy aimed at trying to eradicate the coronavirus. This resulted in widespread blockages to reduce the spread of the virus.

China has reported a total of 101,890 cases and 4,636 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

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