BMW launches X7 Nishijin Ultra-Limited Edition celebrating ancient Japanese technology


Come to think of it, back when their neighbors in Stuttgart were making these changes, the Bavarians didn’t even have a Series 7. SUV equivalent on the market. It wasn’t until 2018 that the X7 launched, placing it just above the X5 in the company’s uncut Sports Activity Vehicle (BMW jargon for SUV) hierarchy.

With the Series 7 being a long-standing presence in the market, everyone knew what to expect from the X7 right off the bat, which meant no further explanation was needed. And, of course, BMW’s largest and most luxurious after-sales service offered all the comfort and care that its position in the German automaker’s lineup entailed.

However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t always room for more. There is little you can add in terms of gimmicks and gimmicks, but when it comes to luxury, there is hardly any end to the type of fabrics and materials one can use in. a vehicle, inside and out. This is where BMW Individual comes in, the brand’s personalization arm that is there to meet the most exquisite demands.

When not busy satisfying its unquestionably wealthy customers, BMW Individual may have time to make limited editions such as the X7 Nishijin. Essentially an X7 xDrive40d equipped with 48V soft hybrid technology, the after-sales service receives some special touches – the exterior color Ametrine Metallic or the white Merino leather – as well as a very special one: the Nishijin-ori upholstery piece used to decorate the center armrest.

The art of Nishijin-ori dates back over a thousand years, but as with many other wonderful traditional Japanese crafts, it is still used today to create exquisite fabrics. Three of these woven and decorated pieces will end up on the center consoles of as many BMW X7s, and if we are by the pictures, they will be absolutely stunning. Who knew that a thousand-year-old Japanese tradition could go so well with a modern German after-sales service?

Before you get excited, aside from the limited three-vehicle race, there’s one more thing you need to know that might dampen your enthusiasm: The spectacular headliner you see in the pictures won’t be present on vehicles for sale. It’s a little misleading of BMW to include it in the version if you ask us, but we won’t let that spoil what is otherwise a pretty cool special limited edition.


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