CFP committee steals undefeated teams and makes most meaningful regular season in sport meaningless – The Athletic


This is not Cincinnati. Well, it’s not just Cincinnati.

This week, the college football playoff committee placed the Bearcats at No.6, the highest ranking for a Group 5 team, but they are nowhere near qualifying for the playoffs. The committee left conference rivals Cincinnati, SMU and Houston, ranked by both media and coaches, unranked. Number 6 could be as high as Cincinnati, which hosts Tulsa and ESPN’s College Gameday this weekend, gets all season.

“Cincinnati has tremendous respect from the committee,” said committee chair Gary Barta.

Is it?

Reasonable minds can ask both sides of a simple question: If Cincinnati reached the finish line in December at 13-0, is it one of the top four teams in college football? I suspect I know how Notre Dame might vote, but pretty much anyone who cares at least a little about sports will have an opinion. But there are only 13 opinions that matter.

It’s a fair debate, but one thing is not in dispute: the college football championship makes no sense. It never has, and sometimes a reminder like this is needed to truly appreciate the futility of the inequality of sport.

This year, it’s Cincinnati’s turn to wait and see if the committee decides it should learn a painful lesson: Every season there’s a large group of the nation’s 130 teams that doesn’t pretend. at a national title, it doesn’t matter how those teams play on the pitch. There have been so many, so many others forced to learn it since the sport made it so much harder for a team to declare themselves national champions.


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