City council reacts after group of young people saw Sepak Takraw smoking and playing in Tampines


Tampines City Council responded to a resident’s concerns after seeing a group of more than five young people smoke and play sepak takraw on an empty bridge in Tampines on July 19.

A Stomper alerted Stomp to the incident that occurred on the empty deck of the 737 Tampines Street 72 block and shared photos he took.

He said, “I have seen seven to eight teenagers smoking and playing sepak takraw from at least 8 pm.

“All were without a suitable mask.”

In response to a question from Stomp, a spokesperson for the Tampines city council said: “Smoking is prohibited under the empty bridge under the smoking law and we have notified the National Agency for environment.

“We have placed educational warnings in the area to remind the public that smoking is not permitted in common areas.

“Even during phase two of the reopening of the circuit breaker in Singapore, our fight against Covid-19 continues.

“We would like to remind all residents to remain vigilant and to respect safe distancing measures.

“Please limit all group activities to five people and always wear a mask outside or after strenuous exercise.

“Members of the public can report instances where safe distancing is not observed through the OneService app under the dedicated ‘Safe Distancing’ category.

“The information provided will help the agencies concerned to know where the ‘hot spots’ are that require additional law enforcement and patrol measures.

“We will continue to work closely with the relevant authorities on this issue.”


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