Diablo Immortal Embracing Winter Quest Walkthrough



Protect Anson until he completes the ritual!

Diablo Immortal is full of exciting and adventurous quests that players can undertake to farm gold coins and other valuable resources. Embracing Winter is one of many side quests in the game that takes place in the frozen tundra region. If you’re stuck on this challenge and don’t know how to complete it, here’s a complete guide for it. Diablo Immortal Embracing Winter quest.

How to complete Embracing Winter Quest in Diablo Immortal?

The main objective of the Embracing Winter quest is to protect Anson from the beasts of the tundra while he walks on the frozen lake to collect water. Here is a step-by-step guide for this Diablo Immortal challenge:

  1. Talk to Anson in the frozen tundra region.

    Anson is a Diablo Immortal NPC that spawns on the bridge north of the Frozen Tundra. After finding it, speak with the character to begin the quest.

  2. Protect Anson from monsters.

    Right after the conversation ends, a total of nine monsters will appear in front of you. In this stage, you have to protect Anson by assassinating all enemies.

    Embrace Winter _ Diablo Immortal Side Quest
  3. Follow Anson after the fight.

    Your next objective is to follow Anson as he searches for an item. Follow him until you both reach his destination. During this time, you will encounter more enemies on the way, so make sure to protect Anson from them as well.

    Embrace Winter _ Diablo Immortal Side Quest
  4. Talk to Anson

    Once you reach your destination, you’ll notice Anson standing near a stone cairn with a sleeping woman. Talk to him to continue the quest.

    Embrace Winter _ Diablo Immortal Side Quest
  5. Find the tundra beasts and collect the heart blood.

    You will again need to draw your sword to defeat Fireblood Aurochs and Fireblood Mauler to collect their Heart’s Blood.

    Embrace Winter _ Diablo Immortal Side Quest
  6. Begin the ritual.

    After collecting heartblood, return to Anson at the cairn and burn the heartblood to begin the ritual.

    Embrace Winter _ Diablo Immortal Side Quest
  7. Inspect the Asleep.

    The final step is to inspect the sleeping ones once the ritual is complete.

    Embrace Winter _ Diablo Immortal Side Quest

After that, the Embracing Winter quest will be marked as complete in Diablo Immortal, and you’ll receive gold, XP, and a random weapon for your efforts.

So here is. That’s all you need to know about complete the Diablo Immortal Embracing Winter quest. For more tips and guides, we’ve got you covered with How to Use Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal, Ancient Nightmare Diablo Immortal Event Guide, How Long Diablo Immortal Takes to Beat. Otherwise, feel free to follow the links mentioned below.


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