Duluth Folk School Raises Funds for Ukrainian Aid


DULUTH, MN. (KBJR 6) – A Duluth Folk School instructor raises funds for Ukrainian aid with a traditional egg decorating class.

Theresa Hornstein has been decorating Ukrainian eggs, or pysanky, for some time.

“When my kids were little, it wasn’t unusual for me to put them to bed and work on eggs all night and not realize it was morning,” Hornstein said.

Now she’s using that love to give back to the war-torn country with a class at Duluth Folk School.

“We decided with everything that’s going on in Ukraine right now, it’s been a good fundraiser,” she said.

Pysanky is an ancient tradition, dating back to pre-Christian times as a symbolic art form. Now it is usually practiced around Easter.

The artists use a wax resist method to decorate real eggs, and Hornstein uses some of his own chickens.

“My girls have been very busy,” she said.

Hornstein usually only teaches classes for Easter and Christmas, but she’s added four sections of the class and is donating her earnings, along with any additional class donations, to Doctors Without Borders and the International Rescue Committee.

The four classes quickly filled up.

“You feel anemic to be here, in this sweet, wonderful culture that we have, to be able to help someone there,” said participant Michele Dressel. “Anything we can do makes me feel better.”

Hornstein says she’s happy to see so many people show up to learn more about the job she loves and to support a country in need right now.

“These people need help,” Hornstein said. “And that’s a small way I can help them.”

In an Instagram post on Saturday, the Duluth Folk School said classes raised nearly $1,000 in aid for Ukraine.

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