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When is a parade winner not a parade winner? After being declared a non-winner.

Hypocrisy is a word that has existed since ancient Greece. Basically it means “a semblance of virtue and piety”. In today’s terms, bogus emotions and “fake news”.

In fact, there is no longer any pretension that the news is virtuous. This is outright false and anyone with a hint of common sense knows it.

Our media are full of stuff. The deceptively publicized trials of Kyle Rittenhouse and Jussie Smollett are recent examples. Weeks before the jury’s verdict was delivered, several mainstream news outlets continually proclaimed that one individual was guilty of the charges while the other was innocent of all charges.

In fact, the information “experts” had returned their verdicts completely upside down. Media prophets automatically assumed Rittenhouse was guilty. He wasn’t. Then a few weeks later, they declared that Smollett would unquestionably be found not guilty. He wasn’t.

These are not factual and unbiased reporting. They are outright deceptive and false stories designed to persuade the public to believe a deceptive and false story.

Pure and simple lies. What other definition is appropriate?

Hypocrisy? Propaganda? Disinformation? Spin? Distortion? Insults ? Opinion? Procrastination? Either way, this is not honest journalism.

They do this shit all the time. Now even a parade of Christmas boats is no exception to the intolerance of the left.

Yorktown, Virginia’s Illuminated Christmas Boat Parade initially awarded “Best of Show” to an entry proclaiming “Let’s go, Brandon.”

Apparently the judges determined this was the appropriate tank for the prize. It was to be the most artistic and illuminated vessel in the parade.

Or, you might think.

Two days later, the award was withdrawn.

Bill Berger, who piloted the boat, said: “When we left we were declared the winners. 48 hours later it was taken away from us. I think it’s because of the pressure, ”he told a local television reporter.


What happened?

Yorktown Foundation member Dr Walt Akers, sponsor of the event, said parade registration was disqualified “because his political statements were at odds with the Foundation’s mission.”

He then explained, “As a (IRS tax-exempt) 501 (c) (3) organization, the Yorktown Foundation and its subordinate groups are apolitical.” This excuse was followed by other justifications for rejecting the award and presenting it for another nomination.

The immediate reaction was that the judges didn’t know the rules before awarding the “Let’s Go, Brandon” boat? It’s not as if the luminous rallying cry isn’t visible before and during the parade. Captain Berger and his crew were not hiding anything intentionally. Everyone along the parade route saw the float in plain view and many applauded.

Berger later commented that he made it clear on the parade entry form that his boat’s theme was “Let’s go, Brandon,” an increasingly popular song at many professional and college sporting events. .

Akers believed the judges didn’t know the tagline, so their decisions were based purely on the creative aesthetic of the boat.

Wasn’t that the whole point of the prize? Equally baffling, would parade officials have revoked a “Drink More Pepsi” winner because it offended Coke fans? Were there rival Democratic and Republican tanks? Would a winner of the Black Lives Matter award have been withdrawn if he had won? To what extent can an alleged violation of 501 (c) (3) be justified in deciding who wins a community Christmas parade?

When does the ridicule imposed by Washington prevail over the decisions of local judges? Was this event really a matter of national fiscal significance? Or was that just the explanation provided to ensure that something like a “Come on, Brandon” parade float wouldn’t get more recognition?

In today’s waking world, the rules can instantly change to suit the desired situation – to say one thing but really mean something else. The bottom is up, the top is down, and everything is to the side.

Even the chorus “Let’s go, Brandon” is an offshoot of the original cry “(expletive deleted) Joe Biden”. An NBC News Sports reporter falsely – or perhaps intentionally – reported that the crowd was shouting that FJB was really shouting “Let’s go, Brandon” during the interview for Brandon Brown’s first NASCAR victory at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.

Currently, it is not uncommon to see flags, banners, bumper stickers, decals, clothing and other “Come on, Brandon” items. Amazon and eBay sell an assortment of items.

I am reasonably certain that there are not many “Come on, Joe” souvenir items offered on online shopping sites. I don’t believe in sales of “Biden, please let us in!” The T-shirts would cover the printing costs. Unless, perhaps, they were handing them out as 501 (c) (3) souvenirs to illegal migrants crossing our southern border.

The views expressed in this editorial are those of the author.

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