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Chennai: The popular line “Kal thondri man thondra kaalattin mun thondriya mootha kudi Tamizh kudi” (Tamil civilization is older than stone and soil) makes its presence felt with important and interesting details regularly emerging from excavations carried out in some parts of State.

The head of a terracotta female figurine, with hair decorated like the goddess Meenakshi and minstrel Vaishnavite Andal, was recently found during an archaeological excavation at Agaram in the district of Sivaganga.

Tamil Minister of Official Language, Tamil Culture and Archeology Thangam Thennarasu said: “It is an interesting finding because we believe that such hair decorations only developed in the last period. . The head, with an ornate bun, seems to refute the hypothesis.

Excavations that have recently resumed at Maligaimedu near Gangaikonda Cholapuram in Ariyalur district have led to the discovery of an ancient drain-like structure, but the exact details will only be revealed after a full examination, said officials. officials of the Tamilnadu State Department of Archeology (TNSDA).

Following the first phase of excavations, carried out in March in Maligaimedu, during which ancient objects including tiles, pottery, iron nails and copper coins were unearthed, intense research was carried out on the village. The second wave of Covid-19, however, interrupted the excavations in May, but work resumed from June 15 after the announcement of relaxations by the state government.

Meanwhile, archaeologists at the Keezhadi archaeological site in Sivagangai District unearthed a creative work of art from a well with several terracotta rings. This came days after the team unearthed dozens of simple annular wells, dating back over 2,000 years, indicative of ancient water conservation technology. All the annular wells, unearthed on July 5, were found at a depth of 146 centimeters.

An intact offering pot was found during excavations at Mayiladumparai, a megalithic site, in Krishnagiri district.

“It was found intact 72 cm below the ground on the west side of the burial pit with a cover stone on the excavation site. It is a pot in red earth, its height is 25 cm and its radius is 20 cm. The rim measures 12 cm, ”said Thennarasu.

Archaeological excavations undertaken in the Korkai region of Tuticorin district have uncovered a 2,000-year-old brick structure. The seven-layered structure demonstrated the interest of archeology enthusiasts in the state.

The Central Archaeological Advisory Board (CABA) has granted the necessary approvals to the Department of Archeology of Tamilnadu to carry out excavations at Korkai, Adichanallur and Sivagalai among seven archaeological sites in the state for the 2020-21 fiscal year.


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