FURIA will face the BIG for Gamers Without Borders Championship


Sunday’s grand final takes place in the Gamers Without Borders series as FURIA Esports, a 2-1 winner over ENCE on Saturday, take on BIG, who also won 2-1 over mousesports.

The winning team will take home $ 600,000 for the charity of their choice.

FURIA started slowly for the second day in a row, losing their first map to ENCE 16-11 on Mirage. But like Friday, the all-Brazilian squad rallied with back-to-back wins on the map (16-9 over Ancient, 16-11 over Vertigo) to emerge with the win. FURIA finished the deciding card 15-4.

Andrei “arT” Piovezan led the way for FURIA with a record 70 kills and finished with a differential of over 21 kills. His teammate Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato finished over-15, with a record 43 deaths. Israel’s Lotan “Spinx” Giladi recorded 53 kills and a plus-2 K / D rating for ENCE.

Like FURIA, the Germany-based BIG ditched its opening card before rallying, losing 19-16 to Mirage, then winning 16-14 to Nuke (coming back from 7-1 and 13-7 deficits) and 16-12 on Vertigo to advance to the final.

Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz had the biggest impact, scoring a high of 83 kills to help him finish with an impressive K / D plus-25. Estonian Robin “ropz” Kool stood out in mouse sports, finishing with 70 kills and a newer K / D differential.

The grand final will be the best of the three.

Eight teams compete in a six-day charity tournament as part of Gamers Without Borders’ $ 10 million series, featuring elite players vying for money to support vaccination efforts against COVID-19 worldwide. The total prize pool for this event is $ 1.5 million with funds donated by both viewers and players.

Ranking of Gamers Without Borders, with record of win-lose games, total points and differential:

group A

1. ENCE, 2-0, 77-60, +17

2.mousesports, 2-1, 89-82, +7

3. Ninjas in pajamas, 1-2, 117-114, +3

4. MIBR, 0-2, 54-81, -27

Group B

1. BIG, 2-0, 89-82, +7

2. FURIA Esports, 2-1, 119-112, +7

3. FaZe Clan, 1-2, 123-129, -6

4. Dignitas, 0-2, 69-77, -8

Tournament prize pool (with charity) listed below:

1. To be determined – $ 600,000

2. To be determined – $ 300,000

3-4. ENCE (UNICEF), mousesports (International Medical Corps) – $ 150,000

5-6. Ninjas in Pajamas (Direct Relief), FaZe Clan (UNICEF) – $ 100,000

7-8. MIBR (UNICEF), Dignitas (Gavi) – $ 50,000

–Field level media


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