Gujarat: No rival can stop Prime Minister’s ‘Ashwamedha Yagna’, says CR Paatil


In a veiled attack on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Gujarat BJP Chairman CR Paatil said on Saturday that in Gujarat’s upcoming polls, no rival would have the strength to stop “Ashwamedha Yagna” by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“The way the BJP workers have started moving towards the 2022 target for the past two years, there will be no one who has the strength to stop Prime Minister Modi’s Ashwamedha Yagna. The party (BJP) thus has many soldiers in each district. It is natural that no party can stop the horse of this Ashwamedha yagna,” Paatil said, referring to an ancient Indian ritual where a horse accompanied by the king’s warriors was released to roam for a year, to establish the imperial sovereignty. Paatil was speaking at the one-day and district party event at Kakodara in Surat district.

Paatil said that in the elections held over the past two years, the BJP won 90.5% of the seats. “I have been told by a number of party workers that in the next six months Gujarat will go to the polls… The Gujarat unit of the party has decided to give three days leave to the workers. But when I checked, I found that none of the BJP workers had taken vacations. They said it was not in their blood to rest and take a vacation when the elections take place in the next six months. The party employee continued to work,” he said.

Without naming Kejriwal, Paatil said, “The person is not just a thug, but a big thug. He tries to give gifts in this state. I told him earlier in a public forum and also today I want to reiterate that Gujarat has a culture where a Gujarati will only reach out to give and not to ask. They won’t take anything for free. Free offers will not earn votes.

“If anyone tries to attack this culture of Gujarat, the people of the state will not accept it,” he said, asking party workers to ensure that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP ) loses his deposit in all seats he contests during the 2022 assembly elections.

Talking about power cuts in several parts of the country, Paatil said Gujarat avoided imposing cuts. “Power outages are happening in every state across the country. But thanks to the foresight of Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, there have been no power cuts in Gujarat so far. It is the administrative expertise of the BJP government in the state,” he said, choosing to ignore how Gujarat bought electricity at high rates and increased the fuel surcharge three times in the past. course of the last four months.

Paatil told party workers that the Mandvi assembly seat was the only congress-owned seat in Surat district. “This time we will have to unfurl the BJP flag there,” he said.

Paatil also mentioned how Prime Minister Modi sends money directly to bank accounts of beneficiaries, especially farmers enrolled in various government schemes. “PM Modi understands the difficulties of farmers. By ensuring that farmers are not looked down upon, we are trying to help them. There is no need to make demands or greet an official or give money to an intermediary. The money goes straight to their bank accounts,” he added.


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