Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Anklets


New Delhi: Anklets account for over 34% of the total silver market. We are all obsessed with gold as Indians but yellow metal anklets are never worn on the feet as they represent the goddess of wealth and prosperity. As a result, anklets and toe rings are made entirely of silver.

Amit Gilra, Associate Director of Augmont Gold For All, said: “The significance of anklets has been diluted in cities and is limited to weddings. In South India, silver is used as gifts and as sacred puja items in the baptism ceremony. babies, engagement ceremonies and even during pujas during major Indian festivals like Diwali and Holi.

“According to ancient Indian astrologers, silver is associated with the moon. Silver is believed to have been produced by the eyes of Lord Shiva, which makes silver a symbol of prosperity. So anyone who wears money is showered with prosperity according to tradition.” Gilra added.

More than an ornament, less than a medicine

While anklets are of paramount importance in Indian culture, the ornament also finds a prominent place in the ancient cultures of Egypt and the Middle East. Indeed, it goes beyond beauty and benefits into aspects of health and general well-being.

Silver is a reactive metal that reflects and returns the energy emitted by the body. Most of our energies leave our body through our hands and feet and metals like silver, bronze act as a barrier, helping the energy to come back into our body. It helps to gain more positivity and zeal. According to Ayurveda and modern science, silver reacts well with earth energy, while gold reacts well with body energy and aura. Therefore, silver is worn as anklets or toe rings while gold is used to adorn the upper parts of the body.

Looking at history, silver has been identified for its antibacterial properties. Thousands of years ago, when sailors went on long voyages, they took silver coins with them and put them in their water bottles. They used to drink the silver-induced water as it was a good disinfectant. Silver ions destroy bacterial sheaths and this is one of the main reasons why women, even in tier 2 and 3 cities, invest in silver anklets.

In addition, women spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen and doing household chores. They often end up with swollen or painful feet. The pain spreads in the lower back to the legs. Silver aids blood circulation and since it is on our feet, the base of our body, it continues to soothe weakness in our legs.

Apart from these benefits, research is ongoing to prove that silver boosts immunity and also balances hormonal levels. This is one of the reasons why in our country married women wear silver toe rings and it maintains a healthy uterus, strengthens the reproductive process and also relieves menstrual pain.

Posted: Sunday, March 6, 2022, 12:51 PM IST


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