Historical coin minted during the reign of King David found in Georgia


Georgian State Security Service personnel discovered an ancient coin from the period of King David the Builder as part of an investigation into unauthorized archaeological work.

In order to determine the authenticity of the coin, laboratory tests were carried out with experts from the National Forensic Office of Levan Samkharauli and scientists from the Georgian National Museum, the State Security Service reported earlier in the day.

According to tests, the original copper coin was struck by King David IV the Builder.

The piece, an element of cultural heritage, is priceless.

Until now, world history has known of a copper coin struck by King David the Builder, kept in the British Museum in London. Photo: Georgia State Security Service.

The piece will be donated to the Georgian National Museum to be preserved and accessible to the public, so that the world can see a 12th century Georgian artefact.

The investigation also uncovered various artifacts of historical, cultural and scientific value, including twelve rings, a bronze bell, six buttons, coins from different periods – three from the Soviet era, three dating from the 13th century.

Coins dating from the 13th century include a silver coin of Mongolian origin.

These artifacts will also be donated to the National Museum.

The copper coin kept at English museum is the largest among those struck by King David IV of Georgia.


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