How to get Gienah Coins or other Sail Coins in Lost Ark?


If you are an avid Lost Ark player and have traveled through all the islands and exhausted the coins of Gienah before acquiring important coins required for character or story progression, then don’t worry. I listened to the screams that needed a decent guide on how to get more Gienah Coins, so we’re here to help.

Gienah’s pieces and other sail parts such as Scepter Coin, Coin of Arcturus, ancient coinand solar room can be acquired by doing various island activities. So if you’ve traveled through all the islands and mistakenly converted Gienah Coins into Pirate Coins, does that mean you’re not eligible to earn more of those coins? No not at all.

Even though the game drags you into a sketchy outcome with most Sailing Coins being converted into Pirate Coins, there is still hope for you to get more Gienah Coins daily. Unfortunately, there’s only one way to do it outside of island activities, and that’s the daily opportunity thanks to the Procyon’s Compass.

What is Procyon’s Compass?

the Procyon’s Compass is unlocked after completing the main story quest and reaching the open sea in search of the other Lost Arks. Procyon’s compass is a powerful gadget, and here’s why:

the Procyon’s Compass shows the daily adventure opportunities that can provide sail parts. Therefore, there’s no need to be sorry, just a little frustrated because you didn’t know. the Procyon’s Compass offers you the possibility to check various activities through Arkesia. Field Boss, ghost ships, Gates of ChaosWhere Adventure Islands, you name it. One of them is a daily activity that gives you precisely those sail parts.

How to use Procyon’s compass and get Gienah’s coins?

Open the Procyon’s Compass by clicking on the compass icon under your minimap.

Next, another window will appear, presenting the activities in which you can participate.

As you notice, there is an adventure on the far right that will occur on Lagoon Island. It includes a Sailing Coins Reward, whose chest opening allows you to choose from five Sailing currencies. Complete the task, get the reward, claim the Gienah or other sail parts. There you go, it’s all done.

These Daily Tasks reset every day at 11:00 AMmeaning you can gather your Gienah Coins for in-game acquisitions in just days.

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