India News | Hyderabad Techie claims to have over 2000 ancient coins


Hyderabad (Telangana) [India]Feb. 20 (ANI): A technician in Hyderabad claimed on Saturday that he has a collection of over 2000 ancient coins from various kingdoms and dynasty rulers of ancient India.

Techie Giridhar Sripati, while speaking to ANI, said, “Since my childhood, I have been fond of collecting coins. I started collecting collectibles from the ancient era after my grandmother gave me half an anna coin and a silver rupee coin from the British India era on my birthday.”

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Born and raised in Machilipatnam, the technician claims to have an idea of ​​the historical significance of coins belonging to the British and French eras. Notably, the Dutch and the Spaniards first came to Machilipatnam, which is in the coastal area.

Giridhar is currently working as a computer scientist in Hyderabad. Apart from that, he teaches children in various NGOs. “Coin collecting is my passion and my source of stress,” he said.

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He claims to have a collection of around 2000 pieces belonging to the British era. “I have a collection of coins from the British, Dutch, Eastern, French and Mughal dynastic periods. My old coin collection dates from 200 BC to date I have over 2000 coins.”

Ravi Diwakar, a neighbor of Giridhar, says he is an old friend of his and has known him for seven years. “When I met him, I didn’t know he had such a large collection. He has presented these pieces in many exhibitions and got a very good response and our society. He is very passionate about old pieces. ” (ANI)

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