Lidder Valley Archeology Review


In fact, in this 21st there are considerable numbers of shepherds and other nomadic tribes with their respective flocks in the lower and upper parts of its verdant forests and wide grasslands.

For general tourists, Pahalgam is a treasure trove of natural heritage where in a pleasant climate it offers them marvelous expeditions to its thick glaciers, gushing Nallahs, pine trees, evergreen forests and vast grasslands. But for tourists with an intellectual taste, Pahalgam offers something more in terms of art, archeology and architecture. And very few people are aware of the archaeological importance of this valley. In fact, archaeologists widely believe that the earliest evidence of human civilization evolved from this historic valley. Many archaeologists claim to have found evidence of early human artifacts from this valley. The first stone tools were found on the banks of Nallah Lidder. In recent times, many such stones have also been found scattered in the upper course of Nallah Aura to the left of Lidder. These tools resembled tools from the early Stone Age. Besides Pahalgam has also revealed early human settlements at dozens of places in its green forests, but most of the artifacts from Paleolithic and Megalithic ages have gone unnoticed and unrecorded. The history of archeology states that the first archaeological survey of this valley was undertaken in 1928. It was a European traveler called Gruniton, a German national. He fell on a handmade rock on the Lidder bed.


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