Lost Ark: Where to find all Elveria Mokoko Ancient Seeds?


Welcome to our ‘Lost Ark: Where to find all the ancient seeds of Elveria Mokoko?’ guide. Ancient Elveria is one of the attractions of the northern continent of Vern. This is where the Contaminated Ruins and Sacred Gates are located.

The first Mokoko seed in ancient Elveria can be found at the entrance to the shrine to the south. A Mokoko tree and seed are next to a broken wooden cart.

Follow the path west to the boss cutscene. Descend into the Sacred Corridor. It’s to the south after you enter.

The Mokoko Seed is located near the broken pillar in the hallway of the shrine.

From the last section, continue east and then south until you find a cross pattern on the ground. The two seeds of Mokoko are to the south.

Then follow the path north until you reach a metal door. Straight metal door with Mokoko seed.

Skip the ritual and defeat the mini-boss to receive these two seeds. Return to the Contaminated Ruins and go east to locate a secret route.

Both Mokoko Seeds are outside the map boundary.

In Sigmund’s lab, look for a golden circular pattern on the floor. Right next to the vines is the Mokoko seed.

Continue north towards Sigmund’s lab on the edge of the map. The last Mokoko Seed is near a tree on your right.

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