Malaysian comedian Ronny Chieng uses sepak takraw to mock American Republicans on TV (VIDEO) | Showbiz


Chieng joked that Sepak Takraw would be the perfect sport for Americans frustrated with politics getting involved in sport. – Screenshots via YouTube / The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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PETALING JAYA, April 15 – Malaysian comedian Ronny Chieng uses sepak takraw to troll American conservatives on national television.

In a segment for The daily show along with Trevor Noah, the 35-year-old described sepak takraw as the “perfect sport for disillusioned republicans”.

It comes as a number of conservative Americans continue to voice their disapproval of basketball, rugby and baseball players by using public platforms to speak out about political issues such as racism.

“Hey Tories, are you tired of those awakened sports leagues?”

“It’s time to start watching sepak takraw, the Southeast Asian volleyball game played with your feet.

“These teams are based in Thailand, Malaysia and Laos. Do you think they’re saying Brian Kemp deleted the vote? Chieng said, referring to the governor of Georgia who recently signed a bill widely criticized for making it more difficult for ethnic minorities to vote in elections.

Chieng also showed off his skills in Bahasa Malaysia in the video to poke fun at the perceived ignorance of American conservatives of foreign languages.

“You just have to watch a game and in no time you will be saying ‘mengundi itu hak asasi manusia (voting is a human right), ”Chieng said.

“As a bonus, none of the players speak English.

“This guy could talk about how he just joined Antifa because he loves the Green New Deal so much and you have no idea.”

He also criticized the failure of American Republicans to speak out against anti-Asian violence and made veiled references to former President Donald Trump’s role in perpetuating racist stereotypes about the peoples of East Asia.

He ended the video by promoting sepak takraw as a sport where “none of the players have heard of AOC,” referring to Democrat MK Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In a post on his Twitter page, Chieng said he was happy to introduce sepak takraw to the world across The daily show segment.

“It was great to be able to practice my Bahasa Malaysia as well,” he said.

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