Mallakhamb is becoming a glamorous sport, says world champion Deepak Shinde


April 26, 2022 11:54 p.m. STI

Bengaluru (Karnataka)[India], April 26 (ANI): Mumbai is often described as the city of dreams due to its association with Bollywood and the glamor that comes with it. In terms of sport, cricket has also been linked to the city thanks to legends such as Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar.
But during Khelo India University Games 2021 at Jain University Bangalore, Mumbai became the talk of the town at Mallakhamb Arena as Mumbai University athletes left everyone stunned by their sensational performances.
World champion Deepak Shinde competed in the Boys’ All-Around Individual Championship Mallakhamb event on Monday to cheers from his Mumbai University teammates. Deepak scored a total of 27.30 with scores of 9.6 on pole, 8.7 on rope and 9 on suspension, becoming the best player of the day.
The 25-year-old M.Com student, after his stellar performance, said, “Today my parents must be really happy. They call me continuously to check my scores. sport, despite the challenges.”
Mallakhamb has an intrinsic connection with the city of Mumbai. According to evidence suggested by historical texts and ancient artefacts, Balambhatta Dada Deodhar, the fitness and sports instructor to Maratha King Peshwa Bajirao II revived the art form in the 1800s as a training method for the Peshwa army. There has also been historical evidence to support that figures from the Maratha Empire like Lakshmibai, Nana Saheb and Tantia Tope also practiced Mallakhamb.
“To keep the traditions of the emperors alive, Maharashtra has adopted Mallakhamb into a sport, with Sivaji Park becoming the hub of the city of Mumbai for athletes. But now, as the sport is starting to gain traction, Mallakhamb s is prevalent in all parts of Mumbai – like Chembur, Santa Cruz, Andheri or Kandivali – with some of the best athletes emerging in the state,” explained Deepak, who is from Kandivali himself.
A new impetus was given to the indigenous sport when the first ever Mallakhamb World Championship was held in Mumbai in 2019, with 17 nations coming to participate in the sport. Recalling the event, Deepak said he was happy to see the level of competition from overseas.

“There were athletes not only from Asian countries but also from European nations at the World Championships. Some nations gave us good competition, including Italy and Japan, which was great to see because it indicates that the sport is spreading around the world.”
“I felt a great sense of pride when Prime Minister Modi Ji talked about Mallakhamb on Mann Ki Baat and talked about the Indian government’s assistance to the United States and Japan regarding Mallakhamb’s equipment. Such support from Prime Minister Modi, the Indian Federation of Mallakhmab and the Union Ministry of Sports and Youth has helped the sport gain universal recognition,” he added.
Deepak University team members believe that at the rate at which the sport is growing, it will soon be widespread in all 28 states of the country.
“Previously there were 3-4 clubs in Mumbai but now there are at least 30-40 clubs in Mallakhamb. Also during the summer holidays the maximum number of children join Mallakhamb, not cricket or football in several universities. “. There are world-class coaches in the city who provide exceptional training. You can clearly see the trend change. Thanks to Khelo India, you now see us live on TV,” said Abhishek Prasad, a 21-year-old Business Studies student from Mumbai University said.
Deepak, who comes from a modest background, was inspired by his brother to pursue the sport. Now the two brothers run a training and fitness center where they train up-and-coming athletes to support their families. While Deepak is still looking for a job to lead a settled life, he believes the work done by the Indian government has glamorized the sport, which has increased opportunities for current and emerging Mallakhamb athletes to win. their life.
“A famous dairy brand recently featured me in a Chhaas commercial. For the first time ever, a Mallakhamb world champion has been featured on such a big brand. So the development is happening at such a level that the big brands are starting to partner with the sport,” Deepak said.
“Thanks to Khelo India University Games, you can see us live today on national television. It only increases the level of competition. Players get glamor and a chance to be on television and “getting highlights from the news coverage. Thus, such initiatives will further enhance the popularity of the sport across the country and around the world,” Deepak signed. (ANI)


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