Man loses parents to COVID-19, burglars take away memories


A 35-year-old man, who lost both parents to COVID a few days ago, also lost their memories when their house in Inderlok was robbed in the last week of April.

The man and his wife were in hospital recovering from the virus when the crime took place. Police arrested two people – Azad (34) and Shahzad (24) – both residents of Meerut – in connection with the case.

On April 28, the man – who works in Muscat – complained to police that his parents’ house had been broken into. When they got there, the police found the house ransacked.

The victim called the police, saying he, his wife and father were undergoing treatment for COVID at a hospital. He also said his mother passed away a few days ago from COVID. During the treatment, her father also died, an officer said.

On May 21, after recovering from the virus, he went to the house and listed the number of things that had been stolen. Her father’s engagement ring, a pair of earrings, an old coin and 1.5 lakh in cash were missing at the house.

“They left. I had given the earrings to my mother after receiving my first salary in 2007. It is not the things that matter but the souvenirs attached to the goods. The thieves also stole coins. formerly of my great-grandparents, ”he declared.

DCP (North) Anto Alphonse said during the investigation, two people were seen in CCTV footage carrying two bags. With the help of technical and human intelligence, Azad was arrested and, during his interrogation, he allegedly told the police that he had sold some of the stolen items to Shehzad who was later arrested.

Police say they recovered gold and silver coins from the defendants. “I am happy with the help of the police. They recovered many objects and I hope that my parents’ belongings are there, ”said the victim.


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