Melissa Todd: Oxford is giving up canes to men for money, wants her to join the sex trade sooner


Melissa Todd, a Briton, comes to the aid of confused students who have already considered giving up in order to do something more enterprising. She presents herself as an example of someone who seems to have done well after abandoning one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. All hope was not lost on her when she decided that she didn’t want an education but wanted to climb a pole and entertain people. It’s been a decade and a half since Todd stopped being Oxfonian and made over $ 100 an hour – all thanks to men coming to her from all over the world to get pounded by her.

Todd thinks being in the company has worked out well for her and she regrets not pursuing it sooner. Cardi B is an example of another woman who has done well in the stripper business. The rapper was studying at a college and working at a delicatessen in Tribeca before she started making music. She was fired by her manager who suggested she apply to be a stripper at a location down the street. Cardi took this advice and even said it turned out to be a positive experience for her, and not just in a way. “It really saved me from a lot of things,” she said in an interview. In another, she spoke of dropping out of college to become a full-time stripper because she couldn’t make ends meet at the time. However, in the same interview, Offset’s wife said that she intended to go back to school and that “it’s never too late to make your dreams come true”, referring to her initial dream. to become an educator.


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“It’s the most wonderful job in the world”

Todd doesn’t regret leaving Oxford and has said in an interview that she fell into a shell while she was there. “I had spent so much time and energy trying to make it happen, only to find it wasn’t what I had hoped for. [It] Made me depressed and in tears, “she told the British Times.” I was extremely shy and if you are shy and you don’t come from privileges you are going to have a hard time in Oxford. Todd had studied politics, philosophy and economics and a year after studying at Oxford she knew she wanted to take a break. Around the same time, money was running out and money was running out to earn money. Quick money, she took a stripper job at a London club and the rest is history.

Getting on the pole helped Todd break away from the shyness that had gripped him at Oxford. “You feel responsible for your identity and your image,” she said. “If you’re up there and the lights are on you, everything revolves around you and you just can’t get enough attention.” All of this made Todd realize that she didn’t want to return to Oxford and she continued to work as a stripper for a decade before becoming a domineering. “At the age of 30 I thought I didn’t want to be a ridiculously old stripper so I thought about hanging up my thong and picking up a crop and starting hitting people instead,” Todd explained. at Kent Online. Todd has owned the cane for 15 years and takes care of wealthy clients who come to him from all over the world.

Todd seems to have juggled an equally successful personal life. She is a married woman with an adult son. Elaborating on how all those years in the business have gone for her, she says: “I can’t say that I regret leaving Oxford, if anything I would have liked to have gone into the business. sex earlier. It’s the most wonderful job in the world, ”Todd continued in the Times interview. “It’s great for self-esteem and it’s just fun. I’ve had so many exciting adventures. I can travel anywhere – Americans love my classy voice. I go to a lot of parties and meet celebrities interesting things that I can’t tell you about. I get gifts every day. I really feel blessed. “Her advice to young college kids considering the pole? “Do it. You will have fun. you will earn a lot of money, you will be comfortable with your body, ”she says.

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