Nalgonda station now a rich heritage


Nalgonde: Nalgonda Station not only allows people to navigate their way to their destination, it also puts them on the path of knowledge amidst leisure facilities.

The ongoing Rs 15 crore beautification project is already winning over locals who are impressed with the decision to create a museum, open gym, murals, walking track, children’s play equipment and more. a park – all right on the premises of the station.

Potty training and makeover exercise are done at a brisk pace. A 100-foot national flag, a collection of ancient idols and images of historic places in the ancient district of Nalgonda are being put up by officials of the CRA, with the cooperation of the Department of Archeology.

Up to 18,000 saplings will add to the greenery, growing as they are within a 5 acre expanse. About 300 adult neem trees would be a special attraction.

The open gymnasium established in the park is already used by walkers and young people in the morning and evening. The paintings on the walls enhance the aesthetic appearance of an otherwise dreary station. They reflect rural India, highlighting the traditions and festivities of Telangana, namely Batukmma. They steal the hearts of viewers and a selfie becomes a raging passion.

The mini museum set up with the help of the archeology department improves the knowledge of students and passengers. Decades-old photos of historical places including Buddhist sites, Phanigiri, Bhongir Fort, Pillalamarri, Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Pangal in the old district of Nalgonda, are well on display at the museum. The museum also boasts of ancient coins, weapons, pottery and idols that were unearthed during excavations in Nagarjuna Sagar and Pangal in Nalgonda district. The idols of Nandi and Shiva lingam arranged in the museum caught the attention of all Gundu Venkateshwarlu who has kept a book stand at the station for many years, felt that the beautified station of Nalgonda has turned into a place of recreation and knowledge for local passengers alike.


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