Op-Ed: Youth vs. Politics – The Future vs. the Dumb and Obsolete Polarized Grand Divide


Anti-abortion protesters gather outside the US Supreme Court – Copyright AFP SERGEY BOBOK

It’s a critical issue at a critical time and, as usual, they’re being ignored. “Youth”, (anyone born after around 1500 AD in the GOP), really doesn’t like that. At all. They wonder if leaders over 70 get or will ever get anything about them.

They also don’t like what they see in terms of politics. Millennials in particular are extremely skeptical, and with good reason. They’re on the wrong end of every stick right now. The Mills are now uncertain until their early 30s, and politics around the world has done precisely nothing for them. They basically hate him.

(Gen Z is always, of course, at the back of the queue. It’s another symptom of a system that simply isn’t moving people and ideas around at the speed of history, and creating societal gridlock that dates back to the 1990s.)

They are right to hate him, and they can prove it. Consider the sickening hyperpolarization and saturation-level cluttering of their digital lives with propaganda and disinformation. The political world is traditionally quite hostile to young people in general when they can be embarrassed to be anything but crazy.

They regularly see ancient foolishness working against their interests. Consider the sinking of Democratic climate policies by Senator Joe Manchin. The climate is a huge, ultra-important issue for this generation. A Guy just proved to them that their votes and issues don’t count for anything in Old People’s Land.

Centrist Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. – © AFPDaniel ROLAND

What are they supposed think? “An old man just trashed America again, because he’s from a state that produces fossil fuels? Who cares about the rest of the world, or us, for a few bucks and a pat on the head of an industry? »

It’s not a great look. It’s the image of American politics condensed into a few bittersweet words. “Young people” all over the world have never liked it, and they don’t like to be thought of as children as they approach their thirties.

Some political statistics for dear little parasites

In case you forgot – neither do we. If you stopped babbling “OK Boomer” like parrots, you’d know something about something to change. We were the first entire generation to do social politics since the Suffragettes. … And it worked.

One of the reasons the 60s and later were so heated was old versus new. The right is still waging this war, trying to turn back time. Hence SCOTUS, MAGA, QAnon, ALEC, Gamergate, and other belated, regressive obscenities. These are only vested interests, not a hint of democracy in sight. It’s social senility, really, but with publicists.

Believers of QAnon conspiracy theories were seen at President Donald Trump’s rallies – AFP

They have a surprise coming. Millennials are taking over as the new big voting bloc of baby boomers. Old versus new is always the issue, thanks to religious weirdos and corporate scum, but you really can’t win against this wave. Baby boomers will support Millennials because they are right about current politics. So it’s of them very large voting blocks against the wave of stagnation and regression.

We still despise you, ridiculous former idiots, by the way. We grew up with you morons. You’re as stupid as you were in elementary school, just a lot more repulsive and gutless. You have never stood up for anything in your useless and useless lives, including yourselves. We’ll be here for a while yet, so watch your manners.

…But? Maybe.

Many people think that politics actually exists as a thing that functions as a method of government.

Here are the issues with this view some of which you may or may not be aware of:

  1. Politics is synonymous with “sleaze”. Check it out. How could it be otherwise?
  2. Politics generates a lot of money, so all the parasites in the world are in politics. Gosh, you do not say?
  3. These people have no interest in fairness, democracy, faith or anything else. It’s the good old suburban job according to them
  4. There is no political “belief”. It’s a great way to network with other sleazebags and earn money.
  5. In politics, people get paid to get things Wrong. Idiots like Koch and others assume that all these political maneuvers are based on their service, so they fund them. Basically, politics is just a sales job.
  6. In practice, it’s just an exercise in making money. “Who will pay how much for what” is the only real political question.
  7. Organized crime has been implicated in American politics since at least the days of Tammany Hall, and isn’t going anywhere soon. He does pretty well with all the bans, rorts, bill riders, Super PACs, etc. and earns a lot of money in political racketeering.
  8. People don’t matter, ever. This is the one thing you can really be sure of.
  9. Multi-generational social disasters are perfectly normal. You would never guess, would you?

Politics is politics. Nothing is too crazy to be a political issue. The government is a social administration. They have almost nothing in common. Politics is irrational by definition and very divisive. (Being divisive is the one and only trick of party politics.)

The problem with this idyllic situation is that it means that irrational people run the administration, which must be rational to function. A society divided by irrationality does not work at all. (Guess how, when and where this theory was proven.)

A question you really need to answer

So the question is whether “Youth” is cynical and cunning enough to handle this slopfest and cut it down to size.

Think about it. It’s not an easy question. Representatives must at least represent something, or someone, for example, not just whoever pays them. Lobbyists and similar vermin should be abolished. Nor should foolish regressive cliques run America through the Supreme Court Skankathon.

I’ll give you some clues:

  1. It takes regressives about 20 years to even understand any current issue on any topic. Most politicians only understand the problems of the previous generation, not the current generation.
  2. They never innovate. All playbooks date from 1950 at the latest. This includes McCarthyist trolls, fake data, misinformation, and old “problems” that were solved decades ago, etc. You can predict every move they make.
  3. They are organized but stupid and are invariably wrong on any subject. This can be used effectively as an easy-to-prove management exercise.
  4. Intermediates are real dummies. They have nothing to say and they know it. Ignore them and outsmart their owners.
  5. Don’t trust anyone. It’s much easier than pulling yourself out of the knives for 40 years in politics.

Good luck, hope it works.

Just make sure you don’t need luck.

Do it right and you won’t need luck.


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