Pagan & Shinto News: Professor Ronald Hutton Becomes Patron of the Doreen Valiente Foundation


Top stories of the week on paganism and Shintoism:

  • United Kingdom: Professor Ronald Hutton becomes the patron of the Doreen Valiente Foundation
  • UK: Stonehenge design inspired by ancient Egypt, research shows
  • Sixteen Ancient Tombs Containing Mummified Bodies of High Priests Discovered in Egypt

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Artifacts relating to the Wiccan Doreen Valiente at the Museum of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Boscastle, Cornwall. Ethan Doyle White, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Pagan News

United Kingdom: Professor Ronald Hutton becomes the patron of the Doreen Valiente Foundation
Center for Pagan Studies
On July 12, 2022, Professor Ronald Hutton graciously accepted the role of Patron of the Doreen Valiente Foundation…

United States: Temple of Witchcraft offers a new energy geometry program
The Wild Hunt
An innovative program offered by Temple of Witchcraft in Salem, New Hampshire, is redefining ecological awareness and may even lead to a new sacred site for magick practitioners…

UK: A beautiful day to change marriage – “People are looking for a deeper and more spiritual experience”
A boom in pagan fasts and other less traditional approaches to marriage is expected when a law change recommended this week takes effect…

United States: Witches of West Michigan will host the Lammas Divination Festival
Fox 17
Witches of West Michigan (WWM) has announced that it will hold its first Lammas Divination Festival in Grand Rapids at the end of the month…

United States: Dr. Susan Harper, feminist witch, invokes the goddesses to show women the power in themselves
Dallas Observer
Dr. Susan Harper is not the first woman to be called a “feminist witch.” She’s one of the few who doesn’t care…

USA: Kat Von D says she is throwing away books on witchcraft and the macabre after series of other major life changes
The tattoo artist shared in an Instagram post on Thursday that she’s been throwing away books on witchcraft, magic, and the macabre because they “don’t fit” who she wants to be…

USA: How Astrology Became a Billion Dollar Business

The bottom line is this: astrology is making a comeback, and it’s making a lot of money…

The Royal Family and the Spirit World
vanity lounge
Throughout history, royals who explored Eastern religions, astrology, mysticism and the occult have been mocked and even imprisoned for their beliefs…

Shinto News

Wind Chime Festival Brings Cool Sounds to Western Japan Shrine
A shrine hosts its annual wind chime festival, bringing the cool sounds of glass bells to Japan’s hot summer…

The Gion Matsuri: The Mysteries of Gozu Tenno
Japan Striker
The history of the kami honored at the Gion Festival has intriguing parallels and differences. Yasaka Shrine claims they are the same, but are they?…

The Shinto religion has long been embroiled in Japanese politics – and Shinzo Abe was associated with many of its groups

Japan today
Shinto has a long and complex history of entanglement with politics and the state…

Japanese beliefs about the afterlife – and their influence in anime
Many anime like Naruto and Dragon Ball feature an afterlife, but what are the actual inspirations behind them?…

Other news

UK: Stonehenge design inspired by ancient Egypt, research shows
Arab News
The design of Stonehenge, the UK’s famous prehistoric stone monument, may have been inspired by ancient Egyptian practices, according to new research…

Sixteen Ancient Tombs Containing Mummified Bodies of High Priests Discovered in Egypt
The sun
Tombs of ancient Egyptian high priests and sarcophagi dedicated to the sky god Horus are part of a treasure trove of discoveries made by archaeologists…

UK: Rocks intentionally marked by prehistoric Britons are discovered as falling water levels

Mail online
Features known as cut-marked stones – intentionally made by ancient Britons – were rediscovered this month at Stithians Reservoir near Falmouth…

Scientists believe they have found a huge lost city worshiping a goddess in Iraq
The ancient lost city of Natounia is known only from references on ancient coins, and archaeologists have pinpointed its likely location…

UK: Rare excavation at Arthur’s Stone writes new history of Neolithic site
The Guardian
Visitors are flocking to the Herefordshire burial plot that inspired CS Lewis amid excitement over what is uncovered…

The best witch movies of all time, ranked
The Mary Sue
Whether you’re looking for horror, comedy, romance, or something that crosses genres, here are the 10 best witch movies of all time, ranked…

15 best witches in anime

From adults to children, these mischievous witches are some of the best and most powerful magicians in anime…

The fairy cats of Celtic mythology
The daily story
We know that the ancient Egyptians worshiped cats, and indeed most house cats walk around as if expecting to be worshipped. In ancient Celtic mythology, however, cats were not merely an object of worship; they were magical creatures from the fairy realm…

The “witch hunt” of yesterday and today

India: Woman killed after being branded a ‘witch’ in Jharkhand
The week
A 31-year-old woman was beaten to death by her relative for allegedly practicing witchcraft in Ranchi district on Saturday, police said…

India: a man kills his mother with an ax, suspected of having used “witchcraft” to “kill” his wife
mirror now
A man killed his mother and left his father to fight for life after attacking them on suspicion of “witchcraft” in Patna, Bihar…

India. Elderly tribal woman hacked to death on suspicion of ‘witchcraft’
A 70-year-old tribal woman was reportedly hacked to death by a villager who suspected her of “doing witchcraft” in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district, police said on Sunday.

Malawi’s struggle against the deadly violence of ‘witchcraft’
France 24
On December 26, 2019, a mob motivated by rumors of “witchcraft” tracked down and lynched a grieving family. The killings are among dozens of ‘witchcraft’ killings that have rocked the southern African country, prompting talk of a sweeping change to colonial-era rumor laws…


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