Pahang’s Daughter’s Creative Idea Using a Mini Crane to Help Move a Paralyzed Father Received Hail on Social Media (VIDEO) | Life


Aisyah Ishak uses the crane to help hoist her father from the wheelchair so that he is lowered onto his bed. – Screenshot via TikTok / aisyahishak5

PETALING JAYA, December 1 – A Pahang daughter’s love for her crippled father and her creativity have garnered praise online.

In the video, Aisyah Ishak’s father, who has a neurological illness, sat in a fabric harness before being hoisted by a mini-crane from his wheelchair and lowered onto his bed.

The Pahang-born young woman said she didn’t think many would be surprised at her idea, as her only purpose in putting the video was to show her other siblings how useful the crane can be in helping her father.

“I had no idea that many would message me asking about its use and that many were also inspired to use the crane to help transport sick people.

“I bought the crane from Shopee while I made my own DIY fabric to be used to wrap my dad and transport him from place to place.”

She told mStar this in 2008, when her father was diagnosed with a neurological disease.

“While recovering, he was injured later while playing sepak takraw and one of his veins ruptured.

“And in 2017 his neurological condition worsened and he had difficulty walking and he’s been paralyzed since December of last year.

“Only his right hand is able to move and he is fully resting on a wheelchair. “

Aisyah, a 22-year-old graduate from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), said she was lucky her classes were all online as she can help her dad with his housework.

She said she made sure to wake up as early as 5:30 a.m. and then head to the market to sell fresh food part-time.

“I’m glad Dad doesn’t have other health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure or any other serious illness.

“And I have no qualms about cleaning him up or looking after him because he sacrificed himself and did so much for me when I was younger.

“This is the man (the father) who made sure all of his children, including me, went to college to study and stressed the importance of education.”


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