pay attention to this, it is worth more than 10 thousand euros. To look for


The price of these rare coins has reached an exorbitant figure, if you own them, you could have a great fortune in your hands.

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When we talk about rare coins, fun one tends to think of old coins that have been out of circulation for some time, but that’s not always the case. Small treasures can be hidden in our portfolio for the discerning eye of collectors and numismatic enthusiasts. Indeed high-value collectibles can also be hidden among the euro.

Recognizing them among the common specimens, that is, those that we use every day to pay, is not at all easy. This article lists coins that are rare or have acquired value over time, focusing in particular on 2 euro cut. In fact, some of them have reached a value that can reach 10,000 euros.

Let’s discover together what they are, how to recognize them and above all their value, indeed we may already have some in our hands, without even realizing or knowing the treasure we have.

Rare coins, what they are, how to recognize them and their value

To be considered rare, the coins in question must have certain specific characteristics, which can be typing errorsor small manufacturing defects, or have been produced in small series. For example, the commemorative coins.

Obviously, the better the condition of the coin, the greater its value to collectors. In fact, the most wanted are a “Brilliant Uncirculated” or specimens minted and never used. On this occasion we are talking about a very sought after piece both for its beauty but above all for its high value which reaches 10,000 euros.

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We talk about the 2 euro coin from the Principality of Monaco, minted in 2007to commemorate the Princess Grace Kelly. Its rarity depended on the limited edition, in fact there are only 2000 copies, many of which are already in the possession of collectors. In addition, its high value is justified by the fact that it is a party piece.


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