Presentation of Sepak Takraw: football, volleyball and martial arts united in one sport


We told you yesterday how someone came up with the fleeting idea of ​​merging rugby and MMA to create “Ultimate Ball”, but now we bring you another unknown sport that is huge in South East Asia.

Sepak Takraw‘ is basically soccer, volleyball and martial arts at the same time. You have a similar setup to volleyball or badminton in terms of net and court size, while there are two teams of three players.

According to, the rules and the way the game is scored are essentially the same as volleyball – you can play 15 or 21 and the first to win two sets is victorious.

You start each phase of the game when the server standing with one foot in the circle receives the ball from his teammate. They must then kick the ball over the net using the foot that is not in the service circle, with the players then able to move to their side of the field as they wish.

Also, you can only use your feet, head, chest and knee instead of relying on your hands, while the ball used is the size of a grapefruit.

Image: PA

Just watching a few clips of the sport will help you understand and understand how the game works, but it’s pretty easy to follow.

Yet when it comes to gambling, it’s quite the opposite. The level of skill and athleticism displayed is quite incredible – even for someone with extensive experience playing “tennis football” in the local park.

Image: PA
Image: PA

Some of the acrobatic maneuvers are so impressive; a kick over Gareth Bale is just a standard move in this area. The game has been a traditional sport for ages in countries like Malaysia and Thailand and has been played at the Asian Games since 1990 in Beijing.

And it continues to grow. In April of this year, the BBC made a mini-documentary about Takraw and how many South East Asians had played him in the UK after moving here.

Image: PA
Image: PA

So forget about heads and volleys, now you know exactly what you and your friends should be playing. Hoping that we will also get it at the Olympics because why not ?!


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