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KUALA LUMPUR, February 16 – The Sepak Takraw Association of Malaysia (PSM) is certainly concerned that the national team will not be able to bring home any medals if they are “forced” to send their Under-23 team to the Games SEA from Vietnam to Hanoi at the end of the year.

PSM President Datuk Seri Ahmad Ismail said U-23 players were not yet prepared for this task at the SEA Games level, in addition to having no exposure in any national and international championship after the pandemic. of Covid-19 since last year.

He also pointed out that other countries like Thailand would certainly send their most experienced and best players to the biennial SEA Games, scheduled from November 21 to December 2.

“We have heard that a decision will be taken soon by the parties concerned to make it compulsory for all players (and athletes) at the SEA Games to be under 23 years old. PSM does not agree with this as we see it as a hasty decision as we face the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As our sepak takraw performance improves, this decision will only hamper his progress. What will be the fate of our senior players? We also need to prepare for the Asian Games 2022. I don’t think Thailand will be ready to send a team of all the young players either.

“If this decision is still taken, we ask that a workshop be organized, even online, to discuss the issue with all national sports associations,” he said at a press conference held at headquarters. of the PSM, here, today.

At the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines, the Malaysian team returned with just two silver and one bronze, after winning two gold, three silver and six bronze in the 2017 edition of the Games. in Kuala Lumpur. – Bernama


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