Ramagya School, Noida emerges as India’s leading school for holistic development of children


01 April 2022 11:21 STI

New Delhi [India], April 1 (ANI/PNN): Choosing the right school is one of the hardest decisions we make for our children. And why not?
The daunting task can give most parents sleepless nights as they often struggle to stay aligned with the latest trends and opportunities in the education sector. So how do you choose a school that meets your child’s needs while inspiring them to do better? Making the right decision could put them on the path to lifelong learning, a prestigious college education, and a successful career.
There are many aspects that parents must consider when making this choice, and the school must have a multi-faceted approach towards the holistic development of students.
Holistic development basically means the development of intellectual, mental, physical, emotional and social abilities in a child so that they are able to cope with the demands and challenges of everyday life.
Recognized for its holistic education, Ramagya School, Noida has repeatedly won the hearts of thousands of parents as one of the best schools in Noida, having the right fusion of knowledge and values ​​for academics, climbing for brilliance extracurricular excellence and achievement in sports. Within 15 years, the school has been voted one of the top 5 senior high schools in the NCR and also listed among the top 30 schools in India by Forbes India magazine.
Nestled in the heart of Noida, Sector – 50, the school has a campus spanning 3 acres and provides a safe and clean neighborhood for everyone. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure, emphasis on experiential learning, and use of latest technology in teaching make it one of the best schools in Noida. Ramagya School, Noida has proven itself as an institute with its own personalized ‘Flexi Learning Technology’ at secondary and higher secondary level.
Ranked among the top 10 schools in Noida, Ramagya follows a curriculum based on global standards with varied core subjects, student and teacher exchange programs for global exposure. Not only that, every batch at Ramagya School has an ideal student-teacher ratio of 25:1.

Ramagyans have privileged access to the best sports academy in Noida (Ramagya Sports Academy), which offers world-class training in over 35 sports in association with Indian sports legends such as MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh and Bhaichung Bhutia. This is a unique offering that sets Ramagya apart from other schools in Noida, as the emphasis on sports education in daily student life encourages children to become physically fit and healthy.
The sports program at Ramagya Sports Academy emphasizes building self-confidence and helps individuals develop skills, discipline and focus on turning adversity into opportunity and achieving their goals. They are committed to providing world-class athletic training backed by excellent infrastructure and expert coaches to judge and shape distinctive talent.
Affiliated with the CBSE and CIE councils, Ramagya School has designed education as a way of life for the students under its roof. Programs such as “Know Your Brain”, “Baal Saathee”, and the teachings of Panchtantra, an ancient Indian collection of interrelated animal fables to impart practical wisdom and knowledge to students to achieve leadership roles.
Utkarsh Gupta, Managing Director of Ramagya Group, said, “Ramagya has included meditation practice in the program. This proved to have great achievements in academic and extracurricular activities for students. This can be related to two main factors. First, the practice of meditation reduces stress. When students are less stressed, they naturally learn and behave better. Second, it improves brain function, which makes studying much easier.
The introduction to such programs has won the trust of many parents over the years, making it the best school in Noida extension. Education is not an isolated experience but an interactive enterprise that takes place throughout a child’s life. When the community, schools and families work together, they can provide the best possible resources and expertise to improve the education of all children.
Thus, Ramagya has partnered with world-renowned universities and organizations that share the common goal of improving student learning. The collaborations were made with a commitment to enriching educational experiences for students. Ramagya School also creates countless opportunities for its students to reach their dream school by giving them access to the best exam preparation coaching in the world.
In this regard, Ramagya School is pleased to partner with Princeton Review – the world’s leading test preparation institute for SAT, ACT, AP, IELTS, TOEFL and other international competitive exams. As part of management policies, teachers are also advised to regularly attend international and national seminars and conferences, which has the effect of broadening their horizons. It contributes to academic excellence both on national and international platforms.
Over the years since its inception in 2005, Ramagya School has proven itself as the standard bearer of educational excellence in India. Ranking at the top of the Noida school ranking, Ramagya School follows a multi-faceted approach with a perfect blend of modern pedagogy and Indian values ​​that contributes to the holistic development of children. The school is currently at the top of the list of schools in Noida as it has become the first choice of parents and students. Hence, there is no doubt that Ramagya School, Noida is one of the best CBSE schools in Noida.
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