Rick’s moment that went too far on the Curse of Oak Island


For several seasons, Rick, Marty and their crew used much of their planning and digging equipment on a specific area of ​​the island they mapped out where the Money Pit would be. Their excavation stuck to much of the eastern side of the island, kept afloat by occasional finds of artifacts and hints of a possible tunnel system. However, everyone’s attention seems to pivot in the Season 8 episode “Leather Bound” (via History), where Rick and his team seem to find clues to their great treasure, possibly somewhere on the west side of island or in swampy areas. This all gets frustrating when, in the episode, Rick mentions that there’s always been a theory within the team that what they believe to be their Money Pit dig site is just a decoy, and the real treasure lies elsewhere on the island.

To say those eight seasons with so much money and investment to dig into at the Money Pit seems confusing. It looks like Rick wasted a lot of time and effort. As one fan on Reddit noted, “Imagine eight seasons of chasing the Money Pit only to be dropped as a mere decoy.” The worst thing is that the decoy theory appeared on “The Curse Of Oak Island”, before season 8, especially in season 3.

In the episode “Sword Play”, Rick and Marty were told by some engineers that they believed the treasure was not directly at the Money Pit. However, after a fruitless search elsewhere, Rick and his team are unsure where to dig specifically. Occasionally research has taken place in other areas of Oak Island up to this time, but not to the degree of The Money Pit. It’s a shame it took them so many more seasons before Rick and his team decided to seriously reconsider the decoy theory.


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