Sepak takraw: West Java team relies on twin chemistry


They are inseparable.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Strong coordination, or more specifically, strong chemistry between twin sepak takraw athletes Lena and Leni will be a highlight for the West Java contingent during Papua Sports Week, the manager said. team.

“It can be considered as such (good chemistry) since Lena and Leni are family,” said team manager Yusuf Jamaludin. ANTARA Friday at the Trikora Sports Center at Cenderawasih University, Jayapura, Papua.

The siblings were born in Indramayu District, West Java, on June 7, 1989, with Lena 30 minutes older than Leni. While Leni is playing the role of the waiter or ‘tekong‘, Lena serves as a striker, Jamaludin said.

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The strong chemistry between the 2008 East Kalimantan PON gold medalists can be seen in their actions throughout their match, he added.

“They don’t need any verbal communication when they’re in the arena. Only with gestures they can already understand each other,” he noted.

Lena said their “exceptional psychological connection” was a particular advantage over other Sepak Takraw athletes.

“I can tell when Leni is feeling down in the middle of the game. Usually I immediately encourage her with a slap or a hug. I also have to put more effort into getting the ball to pass,” he said. she explains.

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The twins’ teammate Astri Khairunisa said the chemistry between the two athletes was a plus.

“They are inseparable. If they play together, our strength can be 100 percent. However, if one of them is replaced, I assure that the team’s strength cannot reach 100 percent. “, she remarked.

“Lina and Leni can easily guess and understand what their twin is going to say thanks to their sibling bond. Sometimes in critical situations, they can understand the code expressed by their twin’s gaze,” she added.

The twins’ achievements include a silver medal at Riau PON 2012, two bronze medals at the 2014 Asian Games and three gold medals at West Java PON 2016.

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