Shanghai launches museum to showcase the city’s more than 100 years of sports history


Shanghai Sports Museum Photo: Chen Xia / GT

A new sports museum, the Shanghai Sports Museum, opened on Sunday, with more than 1,200 exhibits and 500 historical images, attracting many visitors to explore more than 100 years of sports history in Shanghai.

At the museum’s opening ceremony on Sunday, several Olympic champions, including diving athlete Wu Minxia, ​​table tennis athlete Wang Liqin, boxer Zou Shiming, swimmer Le Jingyi and sports shooter Tao Luna all videoed their blessings to the museum. Visitors can view photos of Shanghai’s 13 Olympic champions, illustrating the city’s sporting development over decades.

The museum is located in the old building of the Christian Association of Young Men (YMCA) near People’s Square, which itself has a long history. The building opened in 1928 and had one of the first hot water swimming pools in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Sports Museum contains four main exhibition halls: the Ship of History, the Light of the Olympic Games, the City of Vigor and the Window of the Future, with an exhibition area of ​​1,813 square meters.

Copper coins commemorating the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece dating from 2,300 years ago are also on display. Stamps from the first modern Olympic Games, emblems, medals, mascots and other exhibits from previous Olympic Games are also on display at the museum.

Visitors must make a reservation before visiting. The exhibition is free.

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