Spirit and ENCE invade the Legends Stage at PGL Antwerp


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Team Spirit and ENCE wandered off while the Outsiders had to come together on Wednesday to win their High match and take the Legends Stage at the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 in Belgium.

Spirit swept Astralis and ENCE did the same with Bad News Eagles moving forward. The underdogs dropped their first card on forZe but rallied behind the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game.

Astralis, BNE and forZe will play Thursday’s Round 5 matches.

In other action, Imperial, Team Liquid, and MIBR all won their Low matches to advance to Round 5. IHC Esports, Eternal Fire, and Complexity Gaming were eliminated.

The opening major stage features 16 teams competing for eight spots in the legends stage. Using the Swiss system format, the eight teams that won in Round 1 advanced to the “High” matches in Round 2 and the eight that lost advanced to the “Low” matches in Round 2. All matches are best-of-ones, except for elimination and advancement matches, which are best-of-three.

On Wednesday, Spirit beat Astralis 16-12 on Overpass and 16-6 on Ancient. Abdul “degster” Gasanov led the entire Russian team with 51 wins and a differential of more than 29 deaths.

ENCE won 16-13 over Dust II and 16-9 over Nuke over BNE. Israeli Lotan “Spinx” Giladi led ENCE with 49 kills and a plus-20 KD differential.

The underdogs dropped the opening card to forZe, 16-12 on Dust II. But Outsiders took the next two, 16-10 over Mirage and 16-11 over Inferno, to advance. Latvian Mareks “YEKINDAR” Galinskis led the Outsiders with 63 kills and a plus-13 rating.

In Low matches, Imperial rallied to beat IHC on three maps, Team Liquid swept Complexity, and MIBR swept Eternal Fire.

The winners of Thursday’s three round 5 matches will advance to the legends stage while the losers will be eliminated from the major. After the Challengers Stage ends on Thursday, the Legends Stage will take place from May 14-17 in the same format to determine which eight teams earn spots in the Champions Stage.

The Challengers leg ends Thursday with three Round 5 matches:
Astralis vs. Liquid
ForZe vs. Imperial
BNE versus MIBR

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