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George Steinbrenner, confronted with unsavory plots of his own design, was one of those who often said, “Often things are not what they seem.

Yet, it seemed that these “things” were exactly what they appeared to be.

Phil Mickelson spoke last week about what he saw as flagrant wrong with the Detroit News when he returned to play in the PGA event near Detroit: his connection to a notorious Michigan gangster, among the players most notorious in the city.

Apparently, Mickelson was part of a group that years ago won a bet of $ 500,000 but was stiffened by illegal bookies. Apparently, Mickelson felt safe from a newspaper revisiting such regional history.

Mickelson did not deny the story, but took great umbrage that she had been resurrected, threatening to never return to play in the Detroit area. Moreover, his agent questioned the relevance and intention of repeating such an old and sordid story.

Yet such a posture in no way diminishes what PGA TV networks and other media have assiduously ignored for years about Mickelson: He too often radiates the “streams” of the game.

Much more recently, financial and legal experts were amazed that Mickelson was able to avoid indictment in the 2017 criminal case against Vegas-style gamer Billy Walters, a friend of Mickelson’s who was sentenced to five years for misdemeanor. insider.

Not that NBC’s Dan Hicks or CBS’s Jim Nantz would ever talk about it, but in a related civil case Mickelson – “Phil” on TV – was forced to repay $ 1 million in profits on his investments.

In other words, what Mickelson seems to be what he is – a gambling wheel dealer who plays outside of the off-limit stakes.

The new American pride in athletics, Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry, is similar. She also seems accomplished enough to throw the worst kind of bull – the racially incendiary variety.

In what quickly backfired to become a photo of a petulant child throwing a tantrum at the medal rack during the national anthem, Berry, 31, turned away from the American flag, stood with a bouquet of flowers by her side, a hand on her hip and her pout on her lips.

“My purpose and my mission are bigger than sport,” Berry explained. “I am here to represent those… who have died of systemic racism. This is the important part.

Specifically? She offered no details. But would it include the 650,000 civil war dead in response to systemic racism? What about the hundreds of urban blacks murdered each year by urban blacks, murders encountered by those who denounce unspecified systemic racism?

And a disproportionate number of attacks on urban Asians Americans and ultra-Orthodox Jews are committed by whom, the white supremacists? Or a higher than normal percentage of these crimes committed by other minorities?

Yet she is the latest to let us know that America is an irreparably, unbearably racist country. His proof? She cited the third stanza of the national anthem for its open interpretation reference to slavery.

At this point, she became a target for comedic ridicule, as the third stanza, as well as the second, has rarely, if ever, been heard or sung since Francis Scott Key ran out of ink and the sun went out. is raised on red ramparts. .

If a school district decides to ban the third stanza, I agree! I stopped singing it before I even started.

But it was as it seemed – a creative attempt to keep the balance on unstable ground. After all, there will always be those who believe that the truth is what they want it to be.

I learned the game years ago, but I refuse to play by its rules. When I wrote that the Jets’ Mark Gastineau was a showboater who didn’t care about the score as long as he did his attention-hungry me dances, no one disagreed. But when I wrote the same thing about Deion Sanders, I became a racist.

Consider all the “awakened” media that bought Serena Williams’ absurd and revisionist claim that her horrific 2018 issues on her behalf with a US Open official were in fact in the name of women’s rights.

Among those who also appear to be exactly what they appear to be, new Jaguars coach Urban Meyer, who arrives in the NFL after a brief stoppage at Fox Sports and longer stoppages in Florida and Ohio state. – where its success seemed to be based on being allowed to recruit students. -athletes who had less legitimate business in college than in police queues.

The Jags have yet to play a game under Meyer, but last week they were fined for breaking preseason training rules.

In 2018, Meyer was briefly suspended by the state of Ohio for hiring an assistant coach he knew to be a repeat female battering offender. Later that year, Meyer began teaching a course at Ohio State called “Leadership and Character.” Satire proof.

So what could still be explained as “not what it seems” is often exactly what it is.

Shocking! Player scores career high on first start

I remain convinced that the graphics departments of television are where executives place their nephews rather than having to endure continuous calls from sisters-in-law to hire them.

How else to explain TNT’s graph, in Game 5 of the Hawks-Bucks on Thursday, about Bobby Portis of Milwaukee, who had played 38 minutes: “Playoff Career-High 22 Points In First Career Playoff Start”. (Thanks to reader Andrew Eckman for the screenshot.)

But Turner has a knack for big game. During an MLB playoff game in 2012, a TBS graphic identified the Giants’ number 24 as “Willie Mayes.”

Roe deer
Bobby portis

Now it’s clear that the Mets and Yankees are reliably playing bad baseball against teams that are getting slightly worse or slightly better every day.

That brings us to our game of the week. How long should an 8 ¹ / ₂ innings, 2-1 final, eight hits total game last? Even by today’s absurd standards, no more than 2:45, right?

Tuesday’s Cubs-Brewers had 10 pitchers, 11 walks, 22 strikeouts, eight hits and three runs in 8 ¹ / ₂ innings. It lasted 3:40.

The man of the week is Doug Eddings, the plate umpire in the Phillies-Mets game last Saturday. In the second inning, James McCann appeared to slide safely at home, by many, to give the Mets a 2-1 lead. But Eddings called him. What!?

A replay showed McCann slipped on receiver JT Realmuto’s attacking foot, never touching the plate. It was a great call, for which Eddings deserved a Gold Star. But neither Gary Cohen nor Keith Hernandez was in a generous mood.

Observation visit of the “idiots”

This Tour de France was destroyed by a woman who caused a huge shipwreck and bloody injuries when she entered the road to display her sign for television cameras.

Greg Gumbel understood this years ago when he called television cameras “silly magnets.”

And unless the voices of golf on television stop condemning the growing number of those – many of whom are likely drunk and increasingly with PGA-encouraged betting on players – who are disrupting events with screams idiots designed for television microphones, civilized and professional American golf will be lost.

Incidentally, a press release promoting a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada this week listed betting odds first and foremost. John Smoltz, for example, is 8/1, Tony Romo is 3/2.

I have Pete Rose and Allen Iverson in a reverse bet if action / throw bet for insufficient funds. Promo code: Ancient Rome.

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