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Sepak Takraw is not officially recognized as a sport in New Zealand, but that hasn’t stopped Karen players in Auckland. The former refugees have honed their skills to such a level that they are now heading to the world championships in Thailand, which will take place in July.

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Sepak Takraw player Eh Myo is preparing to represent New Zealand at the 2022 World Championships, Auckland 2022.
Photo: RNZ

Myu Oo Sine, like many others in his community, came to New Zealand as a refugee.

He grew up in Umphiem, one of Thailand’s biggest refugee camps, and that’s where his love for the sport began.

Eh Myo, as he is also known, is now one of the biggest sports advocates in the country. Most Auckland players are of Filipino or Burmese descent, and he has helped bring players together to play a sport which, although almost unknown in New Zealand, is played in over 50 countries around the world.

In some countries, takraw is known as “kick volleyball” for all those flips, jumps, and reverse kicks that are synonymous with the Southeast Asian sport.

Hear the full story of the sport, the challenges players face and its potential through the eyes of Eh Myo, and hear about his remarkable journey from the Thailand-Burma border to a new life in Auckland.


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