The Chinese nail protector that scored a lot of money on pawn stars


After closing the deal, Chumlee took her new treasure to the office to show to Rick and Corey. They weren’t impressed, but they didn’t understand. Rick asked him where he was from.

“It’s from China,” Chum replied defensively. “It’s for the former empresses of China.”

“How can you say that?” Rick asked.

“Because I know it,” Chum said. “I’ve seen them before, in a book.”

“Now I know you’re lying,” Rick said.

“Well, the Internet, same thing,” Chum said.

Rick wasn’t convinced of its authenticity and told Chumlee to call Doc Phineas, the eccentric antiques expert the store often consults. Phineas walked in and confirmed what Chumlee had told Rick, that he was from China and worn by court ladies who hadn’t done any work. Phineas said that the fact that the nail guard was silver was special, as silver was almost more valuable than gold at the time it was allegedly made, which made him think it might have belonged to a a very high court official, perhaps even the Empress herself.

Phineas said in the right auction this nail guard could cost $ 750.

Chumlee was ecstatic. “It’s $ 500 in profit!” he was jubilant. “Just admit I know what I’m doing,” he asked Rick. The thing about Chumlee is that when he does something right, he can’t just take the satisfaction of a job well done: he has to make it a big deal. And you know what? That’s why it’s entertaining.


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