The Holiday Season Brings Brave RPG Strategy Nine New Mercenaries and Personaz Companions


Three mercenaries, three companions, new stories in the countryside and much more.

Neowiz’s hit strategy RPG Brave Nine gets into the holiday spirit with a huge giveaway of content just before the long winter break. With three new mercenaries and three new Personaz companions joining the fray, an all-new story episode to play and the renewed world arena, it’s a hell of a time to dive back into the world of Brave Nine as you celebrate the end. 2021. And yes, you’ll even get one of the new Legendary Mercenaries absolutely for free, just for logging in between December 16 and January 20.

The new mercenaries and companions:

“Chains of fanaticism” – Uribel and his companion, Lithiana

Captain of the Order Arclight Paladins. She’s a quiet fanatic trying to find the lost era of the gods.

“Chains of Loss” – Lincross and his companion, Memoria

A priest and an executor of the Arclight Order. NFor outsiders, he is a high priest, but within the Order he deals with punishing heretics and traitors.

“Chains of Frenzy” – Scrime and his companion, Arana

A Half-Demon who had been imprisoned in the Time Prison under the power of the Temple of Time, sealed in the ruins of the Arclight Order. His imprisonment lasted an unfathomable length of time.

In addition to all of these new Army recruits to collect, Campaign 3 Episode 3 is introduced in this December update. The new story includes the adventure of the captain who finds out who Adel and the Personaz are. Secrets regarding the Temple of Time (which explains the reason for the existence of the Heavenly Island) are revealed.

And of course, the World Arena is experiencing a revival as well. This time around, the rules mean no Legendary Mercenaries, only 4-5 star participation, and World Arena swords will not automatically reload. Players can log in anytime between December 16 and January 20, 2022 to receive the new Legendary Mercenary Uribel for free, and more depending on the number of logins. Ancient Coins, Legend Skill Transfer Tickets, Diamonds, and other rewards await you at the Special Login Event.


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