The Pazhassi Raja Museum enlightens visitors with glimpses of history


Kozhikode: The Pazhassi Raja Museum and Art Gallery in Kozhikode maintains a massive collection of rare relics from the ancient megalithic age.

Besides the 1,200-year-old beads and numerous 800-year-old bronze sculptures, monuments to the birth of civilizations, including clay utensils, weapons, coins, toys, wood and stone carvings , hero stones (Veerakallu) and quadrangular burial chambers. The last artifact excavated and brought here were clay well rings.

In the museum operating under the Kerala Archaeological Department, 8000-year-old monuments are well preserved. The museum was set up as the official residence of British Malabar collectors in 1976. Therefore, artifacts from ancient times to the British period are stored here.

The facilities such as the souvenir shop, library, lecture hall and theater were established within the premises of the museum.

Museum authorities are gradually adopting digital technology for easy access to antiquities information. Without the help of an instructor, visitors can get details of the artifacts via a touch screen, by scanning QR codes or via the YouTube channel.

The museum provides facilities for students to study and research the objects housed here. A huge rush of visitors was seen when it opened after renovation.

Visitors can reach Pazhassi Raja Museum from Kozhikode city via Kannur road – West Hill road – East Hill road and via Wayanad – Karaparamba road – East Hill road. The museum is only 500 meters from the East Hill Junction.


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