The remains of an ancient castle have been excavated underwater


As part of the ongoing excavations at Akçakale Castle, built in the 13th century and located on a point overlooking the sea in the Black Sea province of Akçaabat district in Trabzon, divers are also looking for remains under the sea .


A single nave church was unearthed on land and various historical remains of the castle were found under the sea. District Mayor Osman Nuri Ekim said: “We have detected finds from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. .

Excavations began eight months ago by the Trabzon Museum Directorate and the Akçaabat District Municipality at Akçakale Castle, which is known to have been built by Emperor Alexios II in the later period of the 13th century. century by the sea and passed under Ottoman rule in 1468 after the conquest of Trabzon.

Eight tombs and skeletons inside, coins and ceramics from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras have been discovered during the excavations so far, along with a single-nave church and various historical remains of the castle.

It was seen that some of the tombs in the castle had been protected by tiles, while some of them had been buried directly without a roof.


Research is also being carried out at sea to reach the remains of the historic castle. Through the use of divers, various historical ruins belonging to the castle were discovered at a depth of 80 meters under the sea.

Excavation work should be completed in June and the remains will be displayed in the castle.

Speaking about the works, the mayor of Akçaabat, Osman Nuri Ekim, said: “We started an excavation here eight months ago. Together with divers, we conducted research both inside the inner walls of the castle and under the sea, in an area under the walls. We found cannonballs, porcelain and bone fragments from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods in the castle. There is also a cistern that we have detected. Fresh water came out of the cistern and met the needs of the castle at the time. We take these finds under protection with the management of the museum.

Ekim said restoration work would begin after the excavation work, adding, “The data collected from the finds found in this area will be evaluated and a restoration project will be carried out. We plan to finalize the excavations here in about a month, and then we will prepare the works to bring this region to tourism.

Akçakale Castle, which has a history of over 900 years, came under Ottoman rule in 1468 after the conquest of Trabzon. The castle was transferred to the state as a treasury property during the period of the Turkish Republic.


Salvage excavations were carried out in 2007 in the castle, which was expropriated in 2005 for 475,000 Turkish liras.

Although most of the castle, which is made of rubble and cut stone, has been destroyed, its main body has survived to the present day and in recent years the castle has been used as agricultural land and a playground. games for children.

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