This is when Sea Of Thieves Season 6 will launch


Sea Of Thieves didn’t have the type of launch Microsoft or Rare expected.

However, over time, the game improved and managed to build a good fan base. What helped the cause was the fact that Rare regularly provided updates to fix issues.

Apart from that, he also added content at short intervals. While the high seas pirate game depended on in-game micro-transactions and free updates to sustain itself for a very long time, it started to grow at a good pace after its PC release and held an event Pirates of the Caribbean themed crossover. in the summer of 2021.

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Thanks to the extensive efforts of the development team, Sea Of Thieves has grown its user base rapidly over the past few years. The addition of PvE style content such as Jack Sparrow’s titled Pirate’s Life content. Last year, the game adapted a unique seasonal model in which players received both challenges and rewards. Players have also been offered a paid plunder pass that allows them to earn additional rewards. After taking several steps to improve the gaming experience for players, Rare has decided on a release date for Sea of ​​Thieves Season 6.

The new Sea of ​​Thieves trailer gives players a sneak peek into Season Six which is set to officially release on March 10. The sixth season of the game aims to deliver a bunch of new content to engage with. Players will be able to experience “on-demand” encounters with the arrival of six new Sea Forts.

Once players are inside the fort, they will be able to flex their muscles and put their combat skills to good use as they fight with ghost soldiers in possession of a special cash key. This particular key will take you to a room with skulls, chests, and many other interesting items.

A Pirate Legend Voyage, which is slated for release sometime, is part of the new update. The mission contains a variety of things, including a set of challenges that should improve the game’s replay value. It will also help provide context for the game’s many characters and lore.

This particular season is also coming with a brand new pass offering 100 tiers of stolen items that can be acquired for free by playing the game and earning renown. The Sea of ​​Thieves trailer also shared a preview of new rewards, weapon skins, and cosmetic items. If a player is willing to part with some of their real coins, they can get the new Plunder Pass which includes 14 Pirate Emporium products like Ancient Coins and the Blessing of the Forest costume.

Since season six was crafted with fan expectations in mind, Rare hinted that 2022 is proving to be Sea of ​​Thieves’ most eventful year yet.


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