Tired of “awakened sports leagues”? The Daily Show recommends ‘sepak takraw’ (Video)


Americans looking for alternatives to “awakened sports leagues” might be content with a game of sepak takraw, according to the satirical program The daily show.

Malaysian-born comedian Ronnie Chieng, 35, gave an update on Southeast Asian ‘kick volleyball’ yesterday for the late night show hosted by Trevor Noah, as an antidote to the growing trend to the politicization of American sport. In the clip, US-based Chieng even claimed the sport was perfect for American conservatives and even “disillusioned Republicans.”

“Are you tired of those awake sports leagues?” Would you like there to be an alternative to the MLB, NBA, and NFL that would stay away from politics? It’s time to start watching sepak takraw, ”Chieng said in the video.

“Do you think they don’t care about Brian Kemp who suppressed the vote?” Hell no, all they care about is kicking the ball over the net, ”he added. Georgia’s state governor last month signed a bill that includes new restrictions on postal voting and greater power over the conduct of elections.

Sepak takraw is played in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos and the Philippines. Players, in teams of three, typically use their feet, knees, and head to strike a rattan ball over a net.

Chieng also described the game’s athletes as “more impressive” than anything US quarterback Tom Brady can do, and also joked that learning a little about Southeast Asia could help. “alleviate the guilt” for supporting a “racist president” and ultimately fuel hatred against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, or AAPIs.

Earlier today, Chieng, who has roots in Johor Bahru in Malaysia, was proud to put sepak takraw on the map with his video.

“I am happy to promote the sport of ‘sepak takraw’ to the world! It’s also cool to practice a little Bahasa Malay, ”he wrote on Twitter.

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